A Hole In The World

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We Don't Need Another "Hero"

Commercials. Johanna says, "If I asked you to hold my hand, you wouldn't do it." I think about that and say, "No, I'd ask why."

Angel and Spicule are still fighting, but in that slightly sped-up way they did for a little while in Season 3. Which maybe was the last time Whedon had time to watch the show, so perhaps he thinks it's still current. After hacking a few more orcs into bits, Angel calls, "Is that all? We haven't even started!" Because when you're in a hurry, you should encourage people to delay you even more. Lightning flashes again, and a medieval gothic dude strolls out from the tree. Angel addresses him as "Drogyn," and he may be Alec Newman to you, and Paul Atriedes to Aaron, but to me he looks like a poor man's Brad Dourif. Hey, did you know they're making another Chucky movie? Anyway, Angel says, "You're the Keeper of the Well," and Drogyn says he's had the job for decades now. Spicule gets out, "Well, who the --" and Drogyn snaps, "Don't ask me a question!" He says that if Spicule asks him a question, he'll kill Spicule. Ask him if he means it, Spicule! Please? Drogyn confirms that they're there about Illyria, and starts to lead them into the Well. Spicule asks, "But how --" and Drogyn whirls on him and sputters, "What did I just say to you not one moment ago? Don't ask!" He walks back into the Well as Angel adds, "Seriously. He doesn't like questions." With Drogyn out of hearing, Spicule asks why not, and Angel says, "He can't lie." It seems like it'd be a quirky little character thing, except that in later scenes it's clear that being unable to lie doesn't mean that Drogyn always has to answer, and really it's just a shortcut so that Angel and Spicule can't bother doubting anything that Drogyn says when he gives them the bad news.

Gunn grabs a smirking Knox by the jacket and snaps, "You did this!" He asks if Knox is killing Fred because he's jealous of Wesley. Knox quickly points out that no sane person would be jealous of Wesley, and explains that he picked Fred because he loves her. He says, "You think I'd have my God hatched out of some schmuck?" He adds, "This was all set in motion millions of years ago, Charles, and there's just no way to stop it." He says that Angel and Spicule have the right idea, but that it won't matter: "Angel's not gonna save her." Gunn glares and insists that Knox doesn't know Angel very well. Knox cheerfully replies, "I'm not being clear. I don't mean that Angel's gonna fail to save her. I mean, he's gonna let her die." Dun dun DUN!

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