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We Don't Need Another "Hero"

Commercials. Johanna says, "It's so bad. Is it on purpose? Knox is retarded." We talk about A Little Princess a little, and I propose that Whedon is a little princess himself. I don't even know what I mean by that. I'm just like Whedon! Johanna asks, "Is he teaching us a lesson?" I say, "Maybe. Maybe he's like, 'You thought it was bad earlier this season, but I can have lots of stuff happen and still make it suck, so you whiners go back and enjoy the episodes where nothing happened but at least the episode was vaguely diverting!'"

Fred is lying in bed with Wesley spooning behind her while, for a change, she twitches and moans. See, they're totally comfortable touching each other like they've been married for years, instead of acting like they just started dating at the end of the previous episode. It could have been a slightly more interesting dynamic if Wesley was awkward with her because he doesn't actually know her as a real human being, he's just been crushing on this romantic fantasy he invented. And you know, having spent all week ranting about this episode without quite understanding why it annoyed me so much, I think I've finally figured something out. This isn't really an episode that's all about Fred. It's all about how other people feel about Fred, and, most particularly, how Wesley feels about Fred. I mean, they only hooked up last week so that this would be that much worse for him; it'd be just as bad for her if they'd kept it on a "just friends" level. Wesley's the tragic martyr who has to watch his sweetie dying, and he's being noble and supportive as his heart breaks, and it could be his dog dying instead for how much who Fred is matters to this. She's not a character, she's a blank screen the other characters project things on. She had no real responsibility for getting sick; that was done to her. She has no ability to save herself; that's up to the others. She could be anyone. It doesn't matter. Speaking of things that don't matter, Fred asks Wesley to read to her some more. Then she gets all Goethe or something and says that the light hurts her eyes, but she doesn't want him to turn it off because it hurts her eyes. It's all very Sturm und Drang, see, with her as the tortured genius. She whispers, "Everything's so bright and hollow. Cavemen win. Of course, the cavemen win." Yes, very good, very deep. I agree about the "hollow" part, at least.

Drogyn leads Angel and Spicule through a tunnel as he says he's surprised to see Angel. Spicule says, "So, you two know each other, then?" Drogyn turns, and Spicule adds, "That was a statement, I already know that you do." Drogyn expositions about the Old Ones and says that "Illyria was feared, and beloved as few are. It was laid to rest in the very depths of the Well, until it disappeared a month ago." Spicule says that Drogyn is a "crap jailer" if he didn't notice the disappearance till now. Except presumably Drogyn noticed the disappearance since he knows when it happened. Angel says, "The man I remember couldn't be stolen from so easily." Drogyn sniffs that it wasn't stolen, it disappeared, and guesses that the sarcophagus was "predestined" to disappear as part of Illyria's plan. What the hell does any of that mean? This show has repeatedly said that when something is destined to happen, it may happen in an unexpected way, but that doesn't mean it happens by itself. If he's trying to say that Illyria made itself disappear, fine, but why not just say that? Drogyn snuffs his torch, because the tribe has spoken, and adds, "As for my not noticing, well, my charges are not few." Drogyn leads Angel and Spicule out onto a wooden bridge over a deep chasm. We go to an overhead shot that, depending on your age, may remind you of Forbidden Planet or Babylon 5, although it's only fair to note that there aren't many ways to do an overhead shot of a bridge over a chasm without its reminding you of those things. Anyway, the chasm has great big stacks of coffins piled up in it. You'd think that when one of them disappeared, there'd be a domino effect of some kind. Maybe that's how Drogyn knows when the sarcophagus vanished; he's spent the past month tidying up the spilled stacks. Angel peers down into the hole and asks how far down it goes. Why does that matter? Remember the urgency thing? Drogyn says, "All the way. All the way through the earth." Fine. Angel tells Drogyn that the sarcophagus turned up at Wolfram & Hart. Drogyn says that Illyria was so powerful that it still has acolytes on earth.

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