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We Don't Need Another "Hero"

Okay, it's me again. Yay, Johanna. Okay, another thing that mystifies me is that once they've decided they can't save Fred, they're like, that's it. They aren't worried about what a demonized Fred will do, or how many people she might kill. They don't think, "Maybe we have to kill Fred, since she's going to die anyway, to keep her from being taken over by a demon." Granted, that would make this even more similar to "Inside Out," but once you've gone this far you can't possibly still be worried about repeating yourself, can you?

Back in Fred's room, Fred asks Wesley to kiss her. They do that for a while. When they're done, Fred asks, "Would you have loved me?" Wesley chokes up as he says that he's loved her since he's known her. And then, because that's not enough, he adds, "I think maybe even before." Which is precisely what's creepy about his fixation on her. Johanna notes, "I hate when people say that. It means you don't love me, you just think I come reasonably close to an image in your head." It would have cut some of the sap here if Wesley had been more confident in Angel all the way through, and then he finally broke at the end and got angry that Angel hadn't saved Fred, or just had some other emotion to express besides this whimperfest. Fred tells Wesley to tell her parents what happened, and incidentally my mom was really appalled that they hadn't even called her parents and told them to come sit at her sickbed or anything. Especially when they were already in the flashback, so it's not like we're all pretending her parents don't exist. So, Fred tells Wesley to tell her folks that it was quick, and that she wasn't scared. "Lie like the dickens" are her final instructions, basically. Wesley tells her to stop talking, and just fight. I agree with the first part. Fred braces herself against Wesley as she chants "I'm not scared" over and over, and starts falling back. And then Acker does an impressive thing when she lets her head drop onto his arm and says, "Wesley, why can't I stay?" and very clearly dies without doing anything except letting her arm slide off his chest. It's nice. Shame the rest of her thousand-year-long death scene couldn't have been more like that. Wesley whispers, "Please," and then buries his head against her as he shakes and repeats, "Please." See previous comment about Acker. This part probably would have been moving if I wasn't so deeply angry by this point.

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