A Hole In The World

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We Don't Need Another "Hero"

Cut to Spicule saying, "It's bollocks, Angel! It's your brand of bollocks, from first to last." For the precise duration of that line, the "Written and Directed by Joss Whedon" credit is on-screen. Sometimes this show recaps itself. Spicule is even gesturing directly at the camera and waving his hand over the text. It's just perfect. Angel huffs that Spicule can't see the big picture, and Spicule enthuses about "brutal animal instinct." Angel marches into Spicule's personal space and ends up about an inch from Spicule's nose as he shouts, "You know, the human race has evolved!" Spicule makes amusing hand gestures as he says that humanity is "a bunch of namby-pamby, self-analyzing wankers," and Angel interrupts to talk about teamwork and "the superstitious terror of your 'pure aggressors'!" He makes airquotes there, which loses him some serious points in the debate. Spicule says, "You just want it to be the way you want it to be." Well, who doesn't? Angel gets back in Spike's face and snaps, "It's not about what I want!" although the "what I want" comes out as one crazy Shatneresque word. Wesley ahems to interrupt, and asks if there's a problem the others should know about. Angel says it was a theoretical argument. Spicule hesitates, and finally blurts, "Look, if cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?" Behind Spicule, Angel nods a little and raises his eyebrows like, "C'mon, Wesley, tell him." I liked that bit. Wesley hesitates and confirms that they've really been arguing about this for forty minutes. Beat. Then he folds his arms and asks, "Do the astronauts have weapons?" Angel and Spicule quickly answer, "No!"

Fred and Knox are in the lab, talking about the sarcophagus. Knox says that there wasn't an invoice, so he thought she "went crazy on eBay." Fred says, "After that commemorative plate incident, I'm living clean," and asks if Knox has technobabbled. He has, and the technobabble is inconclusive, as always. Fred doesn't want to open the sarcophagus, noting that it probably just contains a mummy. Knox says, "Mummies can be a lot more trouble than you'd think. And you're seeing Wesley now." Fred stammers, and Knox says he didn't want to make her uncomfortable, he just wanted to clear the air. He says, "I love working with you, and that's plenty." Fred coos at how sweet Knox is, and Knox suggests putting a HazMat team on the sarcophagus. He exits, and Fred stares at the sarcophagus some more. Then she zones out and reaches out to touch one of the crystals embedded in the lid. When she does, a little hole opens up in the lid's design, and a whoosh of air is blasted into Fred's face. Fred coughs and gasps as the lid reseals and the camera goes out of focus because that's artsy or some shit. Knox bursts in asking what happened, and Fred explains, adding, "That was odd."

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