A Hole In The World

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We Don't Need Another "Hero"

Angel and Spicule watch from the doorway, because, I don't know, they're creepy. Angel asks, "Wes and Fred?" Spicule replies, "You didn't know?" This scene sure seems like it was meant to be a funny "clueless Angel" bit, which would be fine, but they're being gruff and serious and so it's not funny, it's just pointless.

Suddenly the MoG (and still Knox) are pedeconferencing along the catwalk and down the stairs, exchanging rapid-fire exposition which is basically repeating what they said in the previous scene: they don't know what's wrong with Fred. Knox can't match her disease to anything in Wolfram & Hart's archives. Wesley's investigating the symbols on the sarcophagus. As they arrive in the lobby, they stop and form a circle so that the camera can whirl around and around and around and around till I want to puke. Angel nervously explains that, according to the doctors, Fred's hosting a "parasitic agent." He gulps and adds, "Her organs are cooking. In a day's time, they'll liquify." Spicule stares and says, "No. Not this girl. Not this day." What? Is Wednesday not a good day for horrible deaths? Would tomorrow be better? The camera won't stop spinning as Knox says that they don't even know who sent the sarcophagus to them. Cary wonders if the Senior Partners are responsible, and Gunn offers to go to the White Room. Spicule suggests that this could be another magical mail bomb from Lindsey. Angel notes that they have Lindsey's address now, and adds, "For all we know, he's probably sitting there, laughing." So, is Angel suddenly less sure that the Senior Partners disapproved of Lindsey's behavior? That's fine, but is there some, y'know, reason he's changed his mind about that? Anyway, Angel will check out Lindsey's place. Spicule offers to go along, and so does Cary, "in case anybody feels like singing." And then! Christ. Angel says, "Guys..." and Wesley interrupts, "You don't have to say it." I wholeheartedly agree with Wesley for once, but Angel insists, "I'll say it anyway: Winifred Burkle. Go." Stirring music cue. Okay, he said it, and he didn't have to, because I don't know why he said it. Unless he thought someone there was all, "Yes, we have to save Harmony!"

Fred twitches in her hospital bed. Piano plinking.

Wesley looks over his magic books in his office. A suit pokes his head in and asks for the "Holbien Clan history." Wesley doesn't even look up as he says that it can wait. The suit rather apologetically points out, "These guys are really important. I just need -- I mean, the whole company can't be working Miss Burkle's case." Wesley pulls out a gun, says, "Of course," and shoots the suit in the knee. This, too, was presented weirdly. I don't know. It's shot like it's funny. And it kinda is, but it ought to be disturbingly funny, not, "Oh, that darn Wesley, ho ho." As the suit wails on Wesley's floor, Wesley tells his secretary, "Please send anyone else not working Miss Burkle's case to me."

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