A Hole In The World

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We Don't Need Another "Hero"

Back at Wolfram & Hart, the MoG (and Knox) have gathered in Wesley's office. Wesley says that the demon infesting Fred is called Illyria, who was "murdered by rivals and left adrift in the Deeper Well." Gunn is dabbing at his face with a towel, presumably to clean up his injuries from the White Room. Wesley explains that the Deeper Well is "a resting place of all the remaining Old Ones." He goes on to say that Fred isn't just possessed by Illyria because her skin is hardening "like a shell." Johanna hopes that the next time we see her, Fred looks like a turtle. Wesley guesses that Fred is being "hollowed out" so that Illyria can take over her body. Well, I guess it's different from possession, but not terribly different. Angel asks if they can find the Deeper Well, and Wesley says he's already found it, and hands over directions he pulled up from the AAA website or something. The Well is in the Cotswolds, England. Angel says that they can get there in ten hours via the corporate jet. Knox corrects him: "You can be there in four. We have really good jets." Gunn cynically wonders what good it'll do to go, and Wesley explains that the Well is like a prison, and that "if something gets out, it's written that it can be drawn back, from the source." Cary says, "If nobody thinks it's too ridiculous, I'm going to pray." Actually, yes, I think that's ridiculous. And irritating. And pathetic. And I hate you, Whedon. A cameraman collapses to the floor with disgust so that we get a weird shot of Wesley looming over the camera as he sniffs, "It's appreciated." Wesley adds, "Time is not on our side." And yet you have time for all this leaden dialogue. I can't feel much urgency when the actors are moving like they're underwater, and taking breaks to look pained every few minutes. Angel and Spike wander toward the door, past another floor-cam, and Angel mutters, "Come on. Let's save the day," with, yes, no urgency at all.

In her hospital bed, Fred twitches some more. Hmph, she doesn't look anything like a turtle. She opens her eyes with a dramatic music cue. And that's our act break. I guess we were supposed to think that maybe she was already all Illyrified there.

Commercials. Johanna says, "Bad. It was bad." I really agree: "This is awful. You know, after reading the wildfeed, I almost called you to say that it sounded pretty good. It's not the plot, it's the dialogue. It's bad." "Bad. Very bad." "So bad I can't even think of interesting ways to say how bad it is." "Bad."

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