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Connor vs. Our Expectations

Hey -- we didn't see Tyke get shot or arrested. Huh. It would be fun to do more stories where Angel and Connor just pass through a totally unrelated plotline, and we never find out how it's resolved.

Angel and Connor run down a street, then hide behind a car as a police car races by, driven by a singularly unobservant cop. Angel goes for a soft sell as he tells Connor, "If you want, you can come back to the hotel. No pressure or anything, but if you need a place to stay...." Aw. He's being such a dad! For real! Connor looks uncomfortable and starts to walk away, saying he has to go. Angel says, "You're not alone. You know that, right?" Connor nods and says, "I know," kinda significantly. And then he runs away. Angel watches after him, and finally turns to go home.

Have I mentioned all the crane shots in this episode? They look nice, too. Connor runs through an alley and approaches an abandoned house. A shadow moves in the doorway, and out comes...Holtz. Looking considerably the worse for wear. Aw, man, I was afraid that would happen. He's wrinkly and white-haired, and he's still clean-shaven. Dammit. Holtz greets Connor, who responds, "Hi, Dad." Without pointing any weapons at all. Wild boy? Always shine.

Next time, Cordy and Connor hug. And then he pulls a knife on her. And her hair is even shorter. Good grief.

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