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Connor vs. Our Expectations

Cut to the bright, sunny courtyard. Which is funny, 'cause it sure looked like night outside when Cordy made everything glow last week, and that was maybe ten minutes ago in the show's universe. Maybe she didn't make everything bright, she just made the rest of the world go much darker. Connor races out, Angel chasing him. In slow motion. Shouting, "Noooooooo!" See, that's no good. Gunn and Groo are right behind Angel, pulling him back inside before any expensive sizzling flesh FX become necessary. Although a little smoke would have been nice. Once Angel's in the shade and in no more danger of becoming a dust cloud on the rise, they let him go and chase after Connor.

Connor stands in the middle of the street, on the razor's edge he trails, as honking cars race past him. Gunn and Groo stand on the sidewalk, looking for a way to dodge the cars. Suddenly we're playing Frogger. A city bus goes by, and Connor runs after it and climbs up onto its top with the help of some nice CGI.

Everyone hurries back into the Hyperion. Angel exclaims, "Did anyone get the number of that bus?" Ha! That was funny. I'm hoping it was intentionally so. Gunn did, and Fred goes to find its route online. Cordy takes this opportunity to tell Angel that this is what her vision was about. Angel whines, "But you never mentioned Connor!" Cordy explains that she only saw Angel, because if she'd seen Connor, it would have ruined the suprise at the end of last week's episode. Although, why she had such a useless vision to begin with is a valid question. Gunn asks whether Angel's sure that really was Connor, what with his sudden growth burst. Cordy mutters, "Tell me we don't live in a soap opera." I'm not convinced that acknowledging the cliché excuses it, but fine. Cary is more concerned with Connor's reason for returning. He asks Angel, "You sure he said, 'Hi, Dad,' and not, 'You're dead.'" Well, those things don't really sound alike so I don't...oh. Angel insists that Connor is just angry and afraid, but that a chat with poppa will make everything okay. I'll buy that for a dollar. Fred tells Angel that the bus goes downtown to Union Station. He prepares to head out through the sewer tunnels, and tells the others to take the more scenic route. As he leaves, Groo supportively says, "We will not!" Is he going to start calling Angel "bro"? That would amuse me.

Cordy turns to give everyone their marching orders, but is interrupted by a crackle of energy. The air over the pentagram is still makin' like Rice Krispies. Cary suggests that they close up the portal from Quor-toth before they get any more visitors. I don't think they should assume this stuff is coming from Quor-toth. It probably is, but I don't see how they can just assume that. Groo wonders if Cordy's new glow-power can close the portal. I've been meaning to mention that she's wearing a nice, plain, white shirt and jeans. It's refreshingly normal. And it would look especially nice if she were still a brunette. Oh well. She steps into the pentagram, raises her arms, and says, "I command you: close!" It'd be funny if a pile of clothes fell out in response. And Cordy would love it, too. She might do the new-clothes dance again! Predictably, the air keeps on sizzling, and Cordy admits she's got nothin'. Fred nervously mentions that there might be someone else who can help, but Gunn interrupts, "Already went to Wes's. Can't do that again." Cary admits that he knows someone who knows someone, but complains, "It's just awkward. This guy's all hands. I mean, all hands -- like, fifty of them." Sounds like it's that thing from Labyrinth! Cary asks if anyone knows sign language, and Cordy wonders how they can go after Connor when more monsters might land in the hotel any minute. Gosh, what a lot of C-names. Admittedly, one of them's my fault. They finally decide that Groo and Cordy will stand guard, Cary will go for portal sealant, and Gunn and Fred will go to meet Angel. As they head out, Fred stops to confirm that Gunn got the instructions for de-crawdad-ing her from Wesley. Can't they talk about this on the way? I just imagine Angel sitting around at Union Station, tapping his foot and checking his watch. Gunn tells Fred, "[Wesley] made it clear: that's a door none of us is ever gonna be knocking on again."

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