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Connor vs. Our Expectations

It is all kinds of crazy to see this much daylight on Angel. Connor is on a road near an overpass. And further down, in a culvert, he sees a girl arguing with someone. He hops down to investigate.

The girl, Sunny, is offering some CDs called 80's Pop to a drug dealer named Tyke. Sunny. And the sunlight. And a guy impropably named "Tyke." And Angel's son! It's a whole motif. Tyke's not impressed, and says, "They suck!" "They rock!" she insists. Think they're arguing about Duran Duran? As Connor sneaks up on them, Tyke tells the girl, "You're embarrassing yourself," and finally throws the CDs away. She pummels him pathetically, and he grabs her and says, "That you get to work off," before shoving her into the handy abandoned car. Tyke spots Connor, and I think we all know what's going to happen here. Tyke reminds me a little of Charles Rocket. Something about the eyes and hair. It's confusing, because any second I expect him to take over Network 23, or get Bruce Willis into trouble. Tyke looks at Connor, and as he steps away with his back to the vehicle, Sunny makes a break for it. Except she doesn't, because she's not very bright. Tyke tells Connor, "An entire suit made of chamois? That's different." Tyke doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd use the word "chamois." Not that I want to stereotype evil raping drug dealers as uneducated. He asks Connor about his bandolier of teeth and claws, and Connor explains, "Things I killed." That's the longest sentence he's said so far. He's like the anti-Fred. Which is why I'm starting to like him. Tyke doesn't, though, so he whistles for his flunkies, who come out behind Connor. Tyke giggles, "Aren't you all scary? Chamois and teeth. Wanna know what else is scary?" Connor turns, and one of the flunkies cracks his head with a crowbar. Connor collapses, and Tyke finishes with the obligatory "Me." Oh dear. It looks like there's murder by the roadside in a sore, afraid new world.

After some ads, Tyke steps over to the unconscious Connor and pulls off his bandolier. I swear to you, I think there's a rabbit's foot on there. Hee. Tyke instructs his flunkies to "get rid of him," and then walks back over to the car. Where Sunny has stayed. She is so very dumb. Tyke takes off his leather jacket and puts it on the car's trunk, along with the bandolier. Connor opens his eyes just as the flunky prepares to smash Connor's skull with the crowbar, and rolls out of the way. They tried to break him, looks like they'll try again. Connor then kicks the flunky, grabs the crowbar, and then there's fighting. More twirliness from Connor, and a nice bit where he climbs on a fallen flunky's back in order to kick another flunky in the head. Tyke just sorta watches uselessly for a minute and eventually pulls out a gun. But Sunny finally remembers how to move, so she opens the car door to hit Tyke just as he fires. The bullet hits a flunky instead. D'oh. Tyke turns to shoot Sunny, and Connor goes after him. Eventually Tyke gets flipped onto the hood of the car, and I feel bad glossing over a lot of nice fight choreography here, but I did my part in the opening, right? While Connor tosses a knife into the wrist of a recovering flunky, Sunny pops out of the car and grabs Tyke's coat full of money and drugs. She spots Connor preparing to slit Tyke's throat, and pulls him away, insisting that "the police are probably on their way." I'm skeptical, since it's not like there are a bunch of witnesses around, but okay. Sunny heads off, and Connor grabs his bandolier and follows. Then he stops, goes back, and cuts off Tyke's ear. "So he won't forget me," he tells Sunny as they leave, while Tyke screams in the background. Dude. He cut off a guy's ear. That's awesome.

City-vert takes us to the Hyperion. The air is still sizzling occasionally. Groo is standing, ready for battle, looking up at nothing. If this kind of thing is going to keep happening, maybe they should get a portal detector. With a little alarm that goes off, like a radon detector. Actually, given how old the hotel is, one of the latter wouldn't be a bad idea, either. Cordy is sitting on the steps, watching him. Cordy marvels at Groo's ability to stay still for so long. Groo tells her he's trained for just this sort of thing, and then tells her a story about how he was once trapped in a herd of burbeasts, adding, "As you know, an engorged burbeast will couple with anything that moves." "Engorged"? Ew. Groo tells Cordy that he had to remain perfectly still for eleven days. Cordy confirms, "You were never...?" Groo smiles, "That honor was yours, Princess." Is it just me, or is there an implication there that Cordy.... Well, you know, that they...that Cordy has a.... Um. It's probably just me. Cordy says that Angel is also a master of not-moving, and she isn't just talking about his facial muscles. Groo speculates that "Angel has regaled [Cordy] with his many exploits," and Cordy fails to note the bitterness there. Instead, Cordy says she finds Angel's war stories boring, and then unconvincingly tells Groo, "They're nothing like your thrilling tales of adventure!" Cordy assures Groo that she loves Groo for himself, and Groo points out that she's always talking about Angel. She explains that Angel's had a bad couple of weeks, adding, "He needs me. And you do, too." They kiss, but Groo's worried that he should be keeping watch. Cordy smooches him some more, and then Groo tells her, "I was worried that your affection for the Groosalugg had waned." He went from first to third person all in one sentence! Cordy kisses Groo again, but this time with her eyes staring off somewhere else. Uh oh. And then they both get zapped by a burst of energy from the portal, and are knocked across the floor. That'll teach 'em. Or something.

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