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Connor vs. Our Expectations

Cops are all over the culvert where Tyke and his pals were earlier. Gunn finishes talking to a cop and walks over to Fred. She reports that Connor was spotted nearby; they then go over to a shadier spot where Angel is lurking. Angel insists, "He was here. I can smell him." The boy definitely needs a bath. Gunn says that someone got killed, but that Connor was neither the shooter nor the victim. Gunn also mentions the ear-slicing. Fred winces, and Angel defensively says, "He was raised in a hell dimension, okay?" Angel says it'll be dark soon, so Fred and Groo should go back to the Hyperion. Angel explains that he'll have a better chance of finding Connor if Angel's alone. I'm not sure that's true, but Angel adds, "I don't want to scare him. He's all alone in a strange world."

A strange world full of negative swirly blipverts. It's finally nighttime, twenty minutes into the episode, which has got to be some kind of record. Sunny and Connor are wandering into a rubble-ized motel as she asks where he learned to fight. "In Quor-toth," he says, and Sunny asks if that's in Mexico. Sunny is wearing Tyke's jacket and carrying a bag of groceries. She opens a door, finds the room already occupied, apologizes, and moves on. She tells Connor that most of the squatters are cool, but "if a fat guy wearing furry slippers asks [Connor] to play 'teddy bear in the hole,' just tell him to get lost." Sunny goes on chit-chatting about Quor-toth, and asks what Connor did for fun there. "I hunt," he answers, and she says, "Big surprise." I liked her delivery there. She looks in another room upstairs, and she and Connor enter.

Inside, Sunny lights some candles and stuffs Tyke's drugs into her pocket while telling Connor that he's welcome to crash there. Connor pokes around at the kipple, and Sunny picks up some abandoned clothes and asks Connor if he wants to lose "the whole dead-animal thing." She tosses the clothes over and then turns her back while Connor starts to change his outfit. Sunny pulls out a selection of junk food, and says it's a good thing Connor didn't kill Tyke. Connor asks why, and she turns to answer, then stops in astonishment at his full-frontalness. She finally says, "Because it's wrong." Oh great, another Buffy. Connor stares at her because, see, he doesn't have a nekkidness taboo, or possibly because they're trying to get squealing teenage girls to tune in. I hope it isn't because they want to make me feel creepy, because the kid's supposed to be sixteen. Sunny turns back to her dinner of Ding-Dongs and blathers that the police are even worse than Tyke. Connor finishes pulling on clothes as Sunny asks if he's ever had a Ding-Dong. He shakes his head in that exaggerated way that little kids do, and she holds the junk food out for him. He takes a bite and muches happily. I spend a second wondering if someone who's never eaten processed food would just find that disgusting, but it's not really important so I move on with my life. Connor looks at the offerings and picks up a soup spoon and an individual packet of what I think is applesauce. Sunny takes the spoon away because "that isn't for food." Shouldn't she have gotten more than one spoon? How was she planning to eat the applesauce? She holds up a baggie of heroin, and explains that she needs the spoon for it. When Connor goes on staring, she says, "It's medicine," and says it helps her when she's sad. Johanna thought it would be more realistic if she'd said, "It keeps me from getting sick." Although I can squirm my way into the rationalization that, given how purty Sunny is, she hasn't been using very long. Of course, that means I would have liked it if she'd said, "It makes me feel really good." Not that anyone would allow that kind of line to air on TV. And then they go back to eating Ding-Dongs. The wild boy's fallen far from glory, reckless and so hungered that he'd eat that garbage.

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