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Connor vs. Our Expectations

As they return to the Hyperion, Fred frets about how scared Connor must be. Gunn says, "Yeah, he looked scared, kicking my ass." They step inside and stare, and we see that Cordy and Groo are still unconscious on the floor.

In a food coma, Sunny dreamily notes that she's had worse days. "How 'bout you?" she asks, and Connor shrugs and looks away sadly. He's brooding! I had no idea that was genetic. Connor's also put his bandolier on over his new (to him) t-shirt. Sunny asks why Connor is in Los Angeles, and he says, "To find my father." See, he wonders where is glory, and where is all you Angel. Or something like that. Sunny says she's trying to get away from her father. Because dads? Are bad. Sunny complains that parents who are abusive or evil should be sterilized. Connor quietly says, "If they're evil, they should be killed." Sunny, understandably, doesn't have much response to that, so she settles for kissing Connor. Connor looks nicely bewildered by her first attempt, but he picks up the idea rather quickly. Make that very quickly. Wow, he's precocious! Sunny pulls back and says she'll be right back. She walks away and Connor looks dumbstruck.

Wesley types away on his laptop, then stops to look at the book Lilah gave him. He flips through the pages to a picture of nasty devils gobbling down traitors, then slams it shut.

Connor is asleep on the floor. A passing siren wakes him, and he immediately pulls out a knife and looks ready for action. He's got sirens for a welcome, and I'm willing to be there'll be bloodstain for his pain. I'm not sure where the ringing phone and the rain dance come in. He walks through the apartment, looking for Sunny, and it's weird because in some lighting he looks like an adult, and then he goes back to looking like a kid. Creepy. At this point I was betting myself ten bucks that Sunny had overdosed. Connor goes down the hall to the bathroom, opens the door, and I win ten bucks! From myself. But still. Sunny is on the floor by the tub, and Connor shakes her gently for a second. Then he picks up the packet of heroin, looks grumpy, and turns to see Angel in the doorway as we go to commercial.

When we return, Angel angrily grabs Connor's arm to check for needle marks, asking if Sunny "put any of this crap in [Connor]." No, but she did give him a lot of junk food. Now he's going to be on a sugar high all night. Connor says no, and pulls back, and Angel tries to calm him. Angel insists, "We'll take care of this, okay? Together." What's to take care of? Connor says, "Too late," and walks out into the living room. You know, this looked like a motel from the outside, but then it turns out to be spacious apartments. I guess it's like Melrose Place. Angel says, "You must feel like you traded in one hell dimension for another," as Connor picks up Tyke's jacket and sniffs it. Angel sees what Connor's doing, snatches the jacket away, and then sniffs it himself. Which is just funny. Bunch of coat-sniffers. Heh. Angel asks who Connor is tracking, and then figures it out himself: "You're going after the guy who gave her the junk." Angel asks what Connor plans to do, and Connor spookily says, "Punish." Connor tries to leave, and Angel shoves him back, and things get a little strange as they start tossing each other around the room while Angel insists that he's not going to let Connor get into more trouble. Eventually, Angel throws Connor to the floor and says, "You just don't understand how this world works." Connor growls, "Sunny was nice, and now she's dead." Angel says, "Connor --" and Connor screams, "Stop calling me that! My name is Steven."

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