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Connor vs. Our Expectations

Cordy and Groo are recovering as Cordy explains what happened: "Standing, talking, and then -- boom! -- knocked on our butts." Gunn wonders if something else came through the portal. Fred rushes out to say that she found a picture of the monster Connor killed in his big entrance, and adds, "It says that these things usually have a mate." Aw, it's nice that monsters can find love, too. Cordy wonders why it's taking Cary so long to come back with the portal repairman. Fred brings up the Wesley option again, and Cordy says, "I don't think Angel's gonna go for that." Groo unexpectedly develops a personality, and smirks, "We must always consider Angel. He is our leader. We must obey his wishes." Ha! Cordy turns to stare at Groo, and Fred declares that she's going to call Wesley. Gunn barks, "No, you're not," and then Cary returns. With a blue-haired goth! And Cary's wearing the trenchcoat and hat again! Whee! Cary apologizes: "Mistress Meerna is a very difficult woman to find." And then Mistress Meerna is gone. And then she's walking into the lobby from upstairs. "See what I mean?" Cary adds. He walks across to Mistress Meerna while declaring, "What I wouldn't do for a lasso and some Crazy Glue."

Angel tries to adjust to his son's new name. Luckily, I don't have to. Connor pulls on the jacket while Angel grumps, "It's a good name-- not Irish, but..." Angel tries to make peace, and what's nice here is that while he's saying all kinds of soothing things, both he and Connor are tensely shifting back and forth, waiting for someone to make a sudden move. It gives a quiet scene a lot of energy. Even though not much actually happens in the ongoing story in this episode, it's very strong technically. And if Connor continues to provide some grit and darkness, I might be reconciled to his existence. Anyway, Angel stammers, "Don't run away from me, all right? I lost you once already," and goes on about how he wants to know what happened to Connor. He cruises the thin line between plaintive and laughable as he asks, "What was it like there? Do you have any friends?" Then he corrects himself and notes that "it's not like [Connor was] at summer camp," and apologizes for not being able to find a way in to rescue Connor. "I found a way out," Connor says hoarsely. Angel admits that he should have tried harder, like maybe if he'd killed Wesley, or possibly Fred, that might have helped, and, okay, he doesn't say that part; it's just a stray thought from me. Angel insists that the important thing is that Connor's back, and says that he wants to know everything about his son. Connor finally says, "No. My father told me everything!" Angel goes growly as he figures it out and insists, "Holtz isn't your father!" Connor slugs him and shouts, "You don't get to say that name! You don't even get to think it! I know everything." Connor says that he knows what Angel is, and Angel looks simultaneously angry and hurt, which is amazing because normally it's tough for him to get one emotion across. Connor lists the ways to kill vampires, and then notes, "You have a second face. A face for killing. Show it to me." Angel seriously looks like he's about to explode. I'm quite impressed with him here, which is making me question everything I've ever known. Connor shoves Angel repeatedly, saying, "Show me the face you used to kill my father's family!" Eventually, Angel gives in and vamps out. Connor recoils, saying, "That's what you are!" Angel admits that it's a part of him, adding, "A part I hope you'll be able to accept one day." Connor sneers, "You'll have to kill me first." From the doorway, Tyke chirps that he's cool with that. Commercials.

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