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Connor vs. Our Expectations

Cops are poking through the building, talking to the squatters. Angel notes that things don't look good for Tyke, and turns to offer a moral to Connor: "Violence just always ends up badly." And then he makes with the kicking, and Connor goes after another flunky. After some pummeling, Connor goes for Tyke and punches him on the ear. Or on the spot where his ear once was. You get the idea. The point is: ouch! Outside, the cops are approaching the room full o' fu-ing. Having completed his gratuitous violence, Angel suggests that it's time to go, but then Tyke grabs Connor and holds a gun at the ready. I don't know why Connor can't repeat the elbow trick he used on Angel here. Angel stops (un)dead, and tells Tyke, "Use me. I'm bigger." That seems like dialogue from a very different show. It turns out that Angel means he'd be a better shield against the cops. Phew. Speaking of the cops, that's when they start breaking through the door. Shouldn't they have started by identifying themselves and asking everyone to come out quietly? Oh, right: it's Los Angeles.

Connor breaks away as Tyke starts shooting through the walls at the cops, and the cops respond in kind. For a second there, it looks like Near Dark. But only for a second. Tyke and one flunky go on shooting away, and soon enough, one flunky gets hit. Tyke pauses to reload, at which point I realize he's got a revolver. Dude, get an automatic. Although it seems to have been pretty well established that Tyke's none too clever, or he would be trying to escape instead of thinking he could shoot his way past a dozen cops. Bullets smash through a window, which inspires Angel to view it as an escape route. Let's go over that again: he thinks the window that was just hit by several bullets is a safe way out. I worry about him. He tells Connor to go first, and maybe he's not that dumb after all. As Connor runs to the window, the cops finally burst in. And they're not wearing vests! Or helmets, or anything. Well, they're wearing uniforms, obviously. This ain't NYPD Blue. I guess the cops are as dumb as the drug dealers in this town. Connor is silhouetted in the window as a cop with a shotgun takes aim. Angel jumps up and blocks the shot. In slow motion. Again. That's a bit much. Although it's worth it for the part where you can see a mist of blood as he falls to the floor. Connor pauses to look down at Angel, and Tyke figures this is a good time to open fire on the dumb vestless cop. Angel tells Connor to get a move on, and finally leaps up and pulls Connor through the window with him. They escape into a convenient blipvert.

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