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After the ads, Satan says, "I grow weary of your cowardice, Angelus. If you will not stand with me, then suffer the agony of my wrath." Great stuff. So Angel's gone from Spielberg to Lucas for inspiration. Although I hope the episode ends before the next step in that progression: Schumacher. That's too terrifying to contemplate. Satan notices the sword Angel is holding and asks, "Is that what I think it is?" Angel goes into battle mode, and shouts at everyone to get out. Instead, Cordy rushes to the weapons cabinet while Angel fends off Satan. Wesley drags Cordy toward the door along with the others. Satan asks supervillainy questions. Angel quips. More fighting. Satan insists, "It doesn't have to be this way," but Angel disagrees. Satan grabs the sword in his hand and squeezes, finally shattering it. Then he grabs Angel by the throat, which is when Angel makes those amusing choking noises that we saw in ads two weeks ago. They're tricky. Satan asks, "Did you really think you'd win? Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side. You have paid the price for your lack of vision." Not really, but see how well it fits? Whereupon he's attacked by Connor, and drops Angel. "The boy joins the father in death," Satan says, and Connor responds, "No, in kicking your stony ass." I can understand how, at this point, some people might have believed this was...well, "really happening," for want of a better description. I cannot understand how any of those people could also think this was a good episode. Connor fights with Satan while Angel struggles to pick up the broken sword-point. Connor is knocked down, and then kicked against the front desk. Satan grumbles, "Such arrogance. So much like Angelus." Connor looks up and smirks, "His name is 'Angel'!" Satan spins around, and Angel thrusts the broken sword through Satan's skull. "Consider your ass kicked!" Angel quips, and then hurries a safe distance away as Satan growls and explodes into a blaze of fire.

The black cloud masking the sun fades away. Connor hurries over to help Angel up, and explains, "Like I'd let you take all the credit for saving the world?" Angel looks down at dusty remains of Satan as Connor goes into a reprise: "The world is harsh, and cruel. She was the only thing that made it hurt less." He admits that Cordy doesn't love him, and adds, "She was too old for me anyway." Connor asks if this is what it feels like to be a champion. "Pretty much," Angel smirks. The rest of the MoG hurry in, and Cordy hugs Angel, saying, "You did it!" Angel insists, "We did it. All of us." Everyone smiles around at everyone else. Wesley and Gunn exchange manful hand-clasps. I giggle. Angel gestures to the pile of Satanic powder and asks, "Could one of you do me a favor and sweep that up?"

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