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Make Someone Happy

Montage of Angelenos looking happily up at the sun. Maybe too happily. That one girl on the park bench seems way too shocked by the fact that there's a ball of fire in the sky. She's going to have some retinal damage.

Angel peers out at the city from a window. He's wearing a purple tuxedo-style shirt with pleats on one side. I hate it. Cordy appears behind him, and her hair is not just curled but actually crazed. She says it must be hard for Angel to restore the sun for everyone when he can't go out into it. Angel says, "There's no place I'd rather be than here with you." But not with that hair. I don't understand her hair. Is it a joke? Please explain. Anyway, they kiss. For a while. Angel starts to pull back, and Cordy insists, "Whatever the reason, or excuse, or logic, we're here now. Together. Everything is the way it's supposed to be for once. Angel, haven't we waited long enough?" I guess he thinks so. More kissing. And nekkid kissing. And nekkid horizontal kissing. Gah. I sometimes like Angel dressed. I never like him shirtless. Never. So there's, like, kissing and panting and faces and chestage and sighs and the strange sweatlessness and a piano plinking, and I'll endure it since the rest of the episode was so funny, but did it have to go on for so long? Angel says to himself, "The only thing that could make this moment more perfect would be having Buffy walk in on us, because she'd be so pissed, and then Cordy would beat her up," and then he imagines that, and then he gasps and says, "Buffy? No!" because oops, that idea made him too darn happy. And then he rolls over and makes faces and moans.

And the background morphs and Angel gasps a little more before closing his eyes and lying back on the table inside the cage. Then he opens his eyes and stares upward calmly, and at this angle, for some reason I can't explain, he reminds me of William Shatner. Wo Pang finishes chanting and says "Illusion becomes reality," then looks out of the MoG to add, "It is done." Angel turns his head and looks at Cordy, who suddenly looks very old. I think it's something about the lighting. She stares into the cage and says, "Angelus." Angel smirks at her and starts chuckling. And chuckling. And chuckling. Okay, I guess it does go on for a little too long, but to be fair, if he saw everything we did, I can see why he'd think that was pretty damn funny. The camera pulls back so we can see that the glass bottle is now glowing in that special soul-containing way.

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