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In the office, Cary says he couldn't get anything from reading Angel, adding, "Your choice of 'The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia' might have thrown me a wee." This is where you find out that Angel was singing, and you rewind the tape and look at it again and now that you know what's happening, you can enjoy the joke. So it's sort of a microcosm of the episode. Angel says that he can remember everything he did as Angelus, but nothing about an encounter with Satan. Cary says that "if it's in there, it's buried deep. Deep inside Angelus." But Angelus is inside Angel, so...huh? I think this is the only suggestion that they're totally separate personalities that actually bugged me. Angel says there's no way he could turn evil again, even if he wanted to.

Cut to a candlelit room, where a red-suited ninja is chanting over the usual mystic circle. There are crashing noises of a fight outside. Oh, shut up, Wesley. A body is thrown through the beaded curtains -- I'd expect ninja to go for quieter décor, personally -- and lands inside the circle. The ninja is vexed. Wesley enters and says, "Rumor has it [that] you possess certain skills I require. I need a soul extracted."

Credits. This week's David Boreanaz quote is: "I want to do a piece about humans who have tails, 'cause I like tails. I'm fascinated and I think humans should have tails."

Angel and Cary step out of the office, and Cordy asks how the reading went. Angel says they didn't learn anything. Fred hasn't either. It looks like they retrieved the rest of the device Satan used, but Fred says they need the orb that Satan swallowed if they're going to restore the sun. Angel tries to cheer everyone up, and you know that things are bad when he's the optimistic one in the room. He adds that they have other concerns, since with the sun gone, "it's the devil's playground out there." Connor grumbles, "Just the way you like it, huh?" Everyone turns to look at him, and Connor makes an "Oops, did I say that out loud?" face. Angel asks if Connor has a problem. "You," Connor replies. He complains, somewhat justifiably, "Everyone thought it was me. Maybe even I was starting to. But it was you all along -- you're the one who's working with the Beast." Angel denies it, but Connor insists, "Everything's going to hell because of you! You're the reason that the sun is gone, and I don't have a home to go back to." Did Connor's loft get totaled? Some windows got broken, but surely Xander isn't the only person in the world capable of fixing windows. Because if he were, he'd finally have some reason to feel special, right? Connor finishes, "You're the reason [that] my life sucks." I guess he's being whiny, but I like the fact that he's also kind of right. Angel stares at Connor for a minute and finally remembers some good advice Cordy gave him: "Get over it." Heh. Given that he didn't find that suggestion helpful last week, I have to believe he's just fed up and trying to antagonize Connor now. Cary asks if they can get back to the "pep-talky thing." Fred says that they need a plan. Wesley decides that's close enough to a cue for him, and enters, announcing, "Here's one." The red ninja enters, and Wesley introduces him as "Wo Pang. He can deliver Angelus to us." Wesley asks Fred to make tea for Wo Pang, and she obediently leads their guest away. Wesley spins around as she passes, and it looks for all the world like he's checking out her ass until Angel grabs Wesley's arm and pulls him aside for a conference. Fred asks if Wo Pang would like any particular kind of tea, and he answers, "Orange Zinger." Heh.

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