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Some time later, the body is mostly stripped and lying on the table in the cage. Wesley is leaning over it with a magnifying glass, reading the writing that covers Wo Pang's skin. Cary asks, "Is there any part of this guy that doesn't have writing all over it? Scratch that -- I don't want to know." Wesley announces that the writing is the history of the Kun-Sun-Dai, and reveals them to be acolytes of Satan. He goes on to read something near Wo Pang's ass, which describes how the Kun-Sun-Dai were victorious over the Bosh M'ad in the third century. He explains that they were "the opposers of the awakening" and created a weapon called "The Tooth of Light" to destroy Satan. See, that's clever, because now the title, "Awakening," doesn't give everything away. Which means that the Mutant Enemy team was probably pissed off about the ads that showed Angel chuckling evilly in his cage, since that does seem to give things away, but from what I've seen, only a few people actually figured things out based on that. In fact, that seems to have led several people to believe that Angel was already evil throughout the episode, and that he was pretending to be souled but that he'd kill someone at any moment, so the ad may have worked as added misdirection. Anyhow, the Bosh M'ad were all killed by the Kun-Sun-Dai. Bummer. Wesley reads further and says that the Kun-Sun-Dai never found the weapon. Gunn says that now they have to find the weapon, and Angel sighs that they don't know where to look for it. Cordy looks up, and her eyes suddenly go white as she says, "It's a sword. The sword of Bosh M'ad. Pretty!" She blinks, and her eyes go back to normal. She looks around and announces that, conveniently enough, the sword is right under Los Angeles. Angel turns to Wesley and rather smugly says, "You hear that? There's a sword. A sword to kill the Beast. And you wanted to bring back Angelus by having an evil shaman cut off my head! Not that that wasn't a swell plan, too." Heh. Wesley looks down and says, "Sorry." He exits the cage, and Angel follows after him.

Angel asks Wesley if he actually just apologized. Wesley admits, "I was careless. Made a mistake that almost cost you your life." He pauses, then adds, "Would have made pulling you out of the ocean a big waste of my time." Angel admits, "That would have been a drag." Ha! Am I giving Angel too much credit to think that's a pun? Or maybe in his fantasy, he's a lot wittier? Now, assuming that Angel is unconsciously in control of what happens in this illusion -- which I'm not convinced of, but anyway -- you can take this two ways. Either Angel is willing to give Wesley credit for rescuing him, or he's being realistic in recognizing that Wesley's not capable of making a sincere apology without some kind of defensive "but you still owe me" remark to save face. On the other hand, you could also figure that the writers knew it would be too much of a give-away if Wesley was suddenly too contrite this early. Angel says that he's never heard Wesley apologize for anything before, which seemed impossible at first because Wesley's default mode used to be "groveling." But while he'll apologize for things that aren't entirely his fault, he's not good at taking responsibility for the consequences of serious mistakes, so I can see Angel's point. The two of them exchange rueful grins, and before they can kiss and make up, Connor enters and says, "You gonna go get the sword or what?"

Blipvert. You know what would have been extra cool? If the blipverts were of Angel still inside the cage. Angel, Cordelia, Connor, and Wesley traipse through the sewer, which is bluer than usual. Fred and Gunn are absent, either because they aren't important to Angel's happiness, or they aren't in the way of his happiness. I lean toward the latter. Angel is finding things a little too easy, and wonders why the sword just happens to be conveniently nearby. Cordy fills things in as quickly as the shaman can make up an excuse for her: "I get the impression that somehow it's accessible from, like, a hundred points all over the world." When Connor doesn't find that convincing, she adds, "I just get the visions, not the CliffsNotes." Wesley spots a tunnel leading off the sewers, and they stop to investigate. Cordy peers at it and observes it leads down. Angel says "There's a steep grade," and says they'll have to be careful, whereupon Connor shoves past him and hurries into the tunnel. The others follow.

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