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In the next chamber, Angel wonders if they should be marking their progress on graph paper while Wesley consults the wandering monster table. Oh wait, that's all me. Actually, Angel wonders which way they should go, since there are two options. The gang decides to split up, and Angel tells Connor to go with Wesley. Connor snaps, "I'll go with Cordy." Cordy disagrees, and tells him that they don't have time to argue about. They separate.

Around the corner, Cordelia apologizes for Connor's behavior. She says that he's confused, and sighs, "I've really made a mess of a messy situation, haven't I?" She adds that she'd like to take back some of her decisions, adding, "I don't know if you ever could..." "'Could'?" Angel repeats. Cordy looks at something off-camera and whispers, "Whoa." She moves on, and Angel follows, asking, "What could I ever...?"

They walk into a brightly lit, slightly cheesy-looking set. It actually has a strong resemblance to the "conduit" room from "Birthday." Except the conduit itself is now a big flat solid rock instead of a big flat hollow rock. Cordy says that this has to be the right place, but the sword is nowhere to be seen. Angel says, "The light must be coming from somewhere," and approaches the non-conduit. He stretches his hand out over it, and his hand disappears into a big glowing ball of FX. Angel feels around inside the orb and calmly explains, "It's some kind of dimensional hub." This is where, if I hadn't known the ending already, I'd have started throwing things in protest of how stupid the show was. But since I did know the ending, I thought it was hysterical. "Oh, it's obviously a dimensional hub. Duh." Angel explains that this is how the sword could be in hundreds of places at once. With that, he triumphantly pulls a sword out of the ball of light. The sword is nice, I guess, but it's not so impressive that I think Cordy would say it's pretty. Not that it matters. The orb continues glowing brightly as Angel says, "I'd say things are starting to look --" Then the ball of light starts glowing red and shimmering. Angel and Cordy back away as the ball swells, then plunges down into the non-conduit. Everything starts shaking, and a pillar crashes down near Cordelia. Flames shoot up, even though everything is made of rock. Angel's subconscious is so melodramatic. Cordy shouts, "Angel!" and then screams as the flames increase.

After the ads, Angel makes a dramatic leap across the dramatic flames and dramatically rescues Cordy. Turns out that all Cordy had to do was turn around and she could reach a perfectly safe tunnel, which might symbolize Angel's secret belief that if he wasn't around, people would take care of themselves just fine. Probably not, though. They tumble out of the fiery cave and collapse. Angel looks down at Cordy and moans. Not like that. It turns out that Angel landed on the sword. "I missed the pointy end," he cheerfully notes. Cordelia looks at him, and bursts into tears. Because you know what makes Angel especially happy? Comforting sad girls. Why else would he date Buffy? Cordy sobs into Angel's chest while he looks bewildered. Cordy sniffles, "We could have died!" "But we didn't," Angel notes, prosaically. "What if we had?" Cordy whines. There's really nothing you can say to that, and Angel doesn't try. Instead, Cordy continues wondering what would have happened if she never had the chance to tell him...something. Angel asks for clarification. Cordy looks at him and sobs, "I'm sorry for what happened. For what I let happen with Connor." Hee. Angel thinks she "let" it happen. She insists that she thought the world was ending, and she really wanted to be with Angel. But since he wasn't handy, she slept with his kid. I think we've all been there. Angel says it'll be okay. Cordy says, "I can look back and see every horrible thing you've ever done as Angelus and it doesn't matter anymore!" She says that she doesn't deserve forgiveness, and Angel says, "I don't care what you've done in your past, either." Y'know, another interpretation for all this is that Angel would be happy if he could be more forgiving. Because frankly, I'm not sure Angel would let things go this quickly even if Cordy were that contrite. Just an idle thought. They lean in, and Cordy whispers, "I don't know if this is right, Angel." Angel calmly says, "Stop talking," and Cordy says, "Okay," and I laugh and laugh. It's the "Okay" that kills me. They smooch for a minute, then break apart and look up to see Connor and Wesley staring down at them. Connor runs away, and Cordy calls after him. So yet another theory is that Angel would be happy if Connor could see that Cordy likes him better. Angel hurries after Connor so he can say "Nyah nyah nyah!" and hands the sword to Wesley on his way.

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