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Angel chases Connor into a large chamber which is suddenly illuminated as Connor reaches its center. Angel tells Connor not to move. Connor growls, "Don't tell me what to do!" He takes another step, and a short spike is launched out of the wall. Connor dodges it so that it lands in Angel's arm. He snarls, "You don't know anything, Dad, except -- except how to take things away from me!" He starts to walk toward Angel, quoting Angel's speech about how the world is harsh and cruel. As he moves, another spike is launched, and Angel tackles Connor out of the way so that the spike lands in a wall. Connor repays Angel by shouting, "Because of you!" and tossing him into a wall. Just like Satan! Angel presses a stone on the floor as he stands up, causing a large stake to pop out of the wall nearby. Angel and Connor make with the fisticuffs, tripping switches and launching more spikes as they toss each other around. Angel finally shouts, "You think you're the only one who ever felt like that? Wished his father were dead?" Connor says that his father already is dead, and there's more fighting. Angel finally knocks Connor down and says, "It's not all about you, Connor. What you want isn't always what other people need!" Ha! I'm going to guess that was DeKnight. More fighting, and Connor knocks Angel about again. "She was mine," Connor insists. "No, she wasn't," Cordy replies from the entrance. Seriously. She's hers. Cordy continues, "I'm sorry Connor, but you need to understand that." Connor stares at her for a second, then runs away.

Angel, Cordy, and Wesley return to the Hyperion semi-triumphantly. Gunn admires the sword and asks, "Can I play with it?" Angel obligingly hands it over as Fred asks where Connor is. "Patrolling," Wesley answers. Fred looks very nice in this scene, incidentally. Maybe it's because her hair is pulled back softly, and it looks less severe than usual. Or maybe it's because for most of the scene, her mouth is closed. Gunn waves the sword around experimentally, then accidentally chops a table in half. Oh no, Angel misses Wesley's pratfall comedy, so he's making Gunn into the MoG clown. Bad Angel! Wesley says that now they need to find Satan. Cary says, "All I could Kolchak was a rumor of bad mojo rising down in the warehouse district." Fred adds that piercing Satan's brain with the magic sword will kill him, and then "the energy used to block the sun should be released." Gunn and Fred explain that the bad news is, all that energy may kill anyone nearby, even Angel. Angel stoically says, "I'll let you know." Cordy protests, but Angel decides it's time to make a speech. And then I protest, but it's too late. Angel says, "You made a difference, each of you. Not just to me, but to the world." Blee blah "there for each other" bloo bleh "believe in each other" blab bloob champion-cakes. This is when I decided was what Angel wants most of all is a regular Buffy-style finale where everyone's conflicts are suddenly resolved and the whole gang works together to defeat the villain, and, inevitably someone has to make a dumb speech. Sometimes a really dumb speech. I honestly can't decide if the things I liked most about the episode were intentional. It definitely works as a season-finale parody, but some of those elements are inevitable given the situation, so I just don't know. And as long as it makes me laugh, I don't much care.

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