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Oh dear. Sorry, I seem to have lied about that last scene we didn't see. It turns out that Fred thought the best plan was to hide in a different room. And not even to close the door this time. Wesley appears in the doorway and announces, "I don't run away like a girl. I see things through." Fred pops out the other door and...Hang on. The other door? I rewind the tape. Okay, maybe it's a suite or something. With multiple exits. Hm. Fred runs back into the hallway, and Wesley appears some distance down the hall. Like, two doors down. Yeah, I'm being petty. But seriously, these hotel rooms make no sense. Fred dashes away and goes up the stairs. I said "up." I'm starting to think she deserves to get killed. Fred runs down another hallway, trips, crabwalks backwards, jumps up, and for a triumphant conclusion to her record-breaking "woman being chased clichés" series, turns around and runs smack into Gunn. How'd he get in front of her if she was running up the stairs a second ago? Did he come into the hotel and think, "Maybe I'll just hang out on the sixth floor for a while, see if anyone wanders by?" Whatever. He claps a hand over her mouth before she can scream, shushes her, and pulls her down the hall.

Billy picks himself up while Cordy continues pointing the crossbow at him. Billy explains that he doesn't hate women, adding, "Sure, you're all whores who sell yourselves for money or prestige, but men are just as bad." I am forced to report that the plane has stopped at just the right angle so that the crew probably wouldn't be able to see the crossbow, which means I can't complain that nobody wanders over to find out what's going on. Damn and blast. Billy continues, "[Men are] willing to throw away careers, or families, or even lives for what's under your skirt." Cordy dryly notes that she's wearing pants, and is she just gonna let him ramble on all night? Apparently. Billy asks whether dressing like a man makes her feel superior. Cordy replies, "I feel superior because I have an arrow pointed at your jugular, and the irony of using a phallic-shaped [sic] weapon? Not lost on me." Are there many weapons that aren't phallic? Billy says she doesn't have the nerve; Cordy disputes that and steps even closer, so that it'll be even easier for Billy to grab the crossbow away from her. Which is pretty much what happens, except it's Angel who grabs the crossbow. He can't let her do it, you see. Because...uh...well, Billy's a demon, and he's done all sorts of horrible things, and so obviously Cordelia shouldn't kill him, don't tell me. I'll get it. Well, apparently it's because Angel wants to kill Billy himself. Billy doesn't take advantage of this dispute, during which Angel and Cordy are ignoring him, to make any attempt at escaping. Cordy insists, "He can't hurt me!" Angel is so vexed that Cordy is using nasty headache-inducing logic on him that he turns away, allowing Billy to grab him. Billy holds Angel's face, squishing his cheeks up so that he resembles Elvis for a second. Billy says, "I won't hurt her at all!" Angel shoves Billy away, and we see the glowy red handprints on his face fade away.

Gunn and Fred run down the hall, trying doors, but they're all locked. How come they're locked on this floor? Gunn finds an opened door and they dash inside. He immediately locks it and begins barricading the door with various bits of furniture. Meanwhile, Fred explains that Wesley got "infected" while examining Billy's blood. Gunn asks, "You mean that fingerpainty-looking handprint downstairs is Billy's blood?" He explains that he picked it up and looked at it. Gunn begins pulling the furniture away from the door so he can get away from Fred before he goes all nuts. But of course, that's when Wesley starts hacking away at the door. Gunn suggests that they go to plan "B," which seems to involve Fred falling through a hole in the floor. In a scene we don't see, Fred and Gunn go out onto the balcony visible in the background to see whether there's a way Fred could climb up, or down, and thereby escape. It turns out that they can't, because exterior shots of the hotel have never shown any balconies and it's just a trompe l'oeil painting on the wall. Fred asks what they're going to do, and Gunn snaps, "Plan 'B' is the one where if you don't stop whining, I bash in your --" He catches himself, and gasps, "Oh, God."

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