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Wesley finally shoves the door open, and finds an unconscious Gunn, but no Fred. Wesley asks whether Fred would like to hear his theory about how stupid she is. You don't need to tell me, Wesley; I'm already convinced. He says, "I believe that after five years of living in a cave, you'll instinctively retreat to small, dark places, rather than run outside where you'll be safe." He walks over to a wardrobe and swings it open dramatically. Fred isn't inside, but she is visible reflected in a mirror on the door. Fred admits that he's right about her habit of hiding in dark places. Wesley raises the axe and advances. Fred adds, "But you forgot [that] I also like to build things." She pulls a rope; a fire extinguisher swings down, conks Wesley on the head, and knocks him into the hole in the floorboards. Wesley fell down de hole!

Cordy and Angel are back to their practice sessions. Cordy says that she doesn't get it. Angel replies, "I don't get it, either." That makes three of us. In a scene we don't see, they discuss how they each felt some responsibility for their part in releasing Billy, and they expected to have some meaningful resolution to their feelings of guilt, and perhaps to deepen their appreciation for the consequences their decisions have on other people. So, naturally, they were quite surprised when Lilah unexpectedly popped up and cleaned up their mess so that she could make sure that the audience would know that Lilah is bad and the good guys are still free from any pesky moral stains. Except for all of the other people who died or ruined their lives because of Billy. But screw them; they weren't recurring characters. Cordy also mentions how lucky it is that the effect of Billy's power is only temporary. Since nobody ever even asked about that. Back to the scenes we do see. Cordy asks why Billy's touch didn't affect Angel. Angel says, "Oh, but it did!" and runs his sword through Cordy. Not really, but that would have almost made everything else worthwhile. Angel guesses, "Maybe because I'm not human." Cordy scoffs. Angel tries again: "That thing Billy that brought out in others, that hatred and anger? That's something I lost a long time ago." Um, Angel? Hi. Remember just a few weeks ago, the thing that put this whole sorry mess in motion? Cordy was under psychic attack, Lilah was responsible, you were blackmailed into doing a Bad Thing, and then you called Lilah a vicious bitch and threatened to kill her. I got the impression you might have been a little miffed there. Perhaps I misinterpreted things. Where'd I put the aspirin? Cordy asks if Angel felt anger when he was evil. Angel insists, "I never hated my victims, I never killed out of anger; it was always about the pain and the pleasure." Never? Cordy goes on talking about something dumb, but I can't hear her over the incredible pounding of my brain desperately hammering on the inside of my skull, trying to break out so it can run away and find a less agonizing home.

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