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Wesley sits at the table in his apartment, staring at nothing. Fred knocks on the door and calls to him. He slowly goes to open the door. Fred gasps at the puncture in his cheek she made when he assaulted her. They stand there silently for a minute before Fred says she left messages for him. Wesley apologizes for not returning her calls, and then looks up at her and coarsely whispers, "I'm so sorry." Geez, he looks really tortured in that shot. Good. Fred insists that Wesley has to come back to work, and says, "You're the boss! We need you." Fred's not very smart, but she's a good liar. Fred helpfully establishes that they've all taken a few days off, but now it's time to get back to work. She says that it wasn't really Wesley who tried to kill her. Wesley asks, "How can you know that? Something inside me was forced to the surface. Something primal..." Fred asks whether he still wants to kill her, and Wesley says that he doesn't. She insists, "It wasn't something in you, Wesley -- it was something that was done to you." In a scene we don't see, Angel rushes in and says, "Hey, great! Does that mean I'm not responsible for my hundred-year murderous rampage, or for killing Jenny Calendar, or anything I did as Angelus? After all, when I was turned into a vampire and when I lose my soul, those were things that were done to me. Man, I've spent all this time brooding over my past behavior unnecessarily!" Wesley says that he doesn't know what kind of a man he is, and it hurts my feelings a bit that he's ignored all the helpful adjectives I've used to describe him in these recaps. Fred says that Wesley's a good man, and asks whether he'll come back to the office. He nods and says he will, and Fred exits, audibly knocking into the doorframe in her attempt to squeeze past the camera they used for the close-ups of Wesley. Heh. Wesley closes the door and sniffles. Out in the hall, it appears that Fred turned around and came back to Wesley's door after they moved that damn camera out of the way. She leans in to listen to him cry. Then she turns and walks away, because she doesn't like sissies.

Next week: Darla shows up looking for child support.

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