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Billy sits in the back of a police car. Sanchez -- the cop he touched -- is in the passenger seat, and a female officer is driving. Sanchez starts criticizing his partner's route, and she tells him to relax. Sanchez doesn't care for that, and tells her to pull over while Billy grins happily. The woman asks, "What's your problem?" Sanchez says, "I'll tell you what my problem is: I got a woman here that don't listen." The camera pans past them into the back seat as we hear a struggle begin. The woman cries out, and the brakes screech.

Back at the Hyperion, Wesley explains that Billy was arrested after someone phoned in a tip. Fred is sitting at a desk, listening to something on headphones. Gunn wonders why Billy would confess to something that he didn't technically do. Angel explains that the police liberated Billy from the Blim compound, where he was presumably being kept. Gunn doesn't see the advantage in hanging out in a holding cell instead, but Angel says, "All he'll need to get out this time is his lawyer." He heads for the door, and Wesley asks where he's going. Angel says, "I took him out of one cell; I can take him out of this one, too." Cordy warns Angel not to "go all Terminator," which is a shame, because I'd kind of enjoy seeing Angel do that shtick. She asks, "What if he lays his whammy on you?" Angel says, "He won't be conscious long enough to try." Suddenly, Fred hurries over to tell them that the car carrying Billy didn't make it to the station: "There's been an accident." How does she know? She just heard it on the police scanner. Which they have. Now. How convenient.

An ambulance and several police cars are parked near the crashed car while detectives roam about. Wesley walks up to Gunn and tells him, "There was an altercation between the officers who were transporting Billy. One of them attacked his partner; she was forced to shoot him." Did he slip one of the cops some cash for that information? Or did one of his contacts tell him? Or maybe he heard it over the scanner? Whatever. Gunn wonders whether the woman could tell them how Billy worked his mojo. Wesley suggests that someone could be at the hospital visiting a sick relative and try to find out something. Gunn races off to be helpful in scenes that we'll never see, because that's Gunn's job. Wesley walks over to Angel, who reports that some of the blood in the crashed car is Billy's, and it isn't human blood. After a moment, Angel looks around, then turns to a nearby street and walks down it. He tells Wesley that Billy came this way. They see a bloody handprint on the wall. Those are some incredible super-powered nostrils Angel's got. Wesley picks up a piece of paper and presses it against the blood, saying, "I'll take a sample back to the hotel. See if I can determine just what sort of creature Billy is." Angel says he can't wait for Wesley's results, and dashes off to find Billy. And I mean dashes. He even hops over a short railing as he hurries to the door of a warehouse. Now he's just showing off. Wesley pulls the paper away and looks at the bloody prints.

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