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At the Hyperion, in Angel's bed, Cordy screams once more and wakes up. That really wasn't anywhere close to how bad she seems to feel during the visions. I think Skip exaggerates a lot. Angel and the others rush over as Cordy sits upright and gasps some more. Angel sorta stares at her for a minute like the flummoxed lummox he is, and then sits on the bed and hugs her. Cordy whimpers, then jerks away and does a quick inventory. She checks her head for horns, and her ass for a tail, but her body is unchanged. Cordy hops out of bed and stretches, and is it just me or are her breasts really, uh, prominent in this episode? Wesley asks what she remembers, and Cordy says her vision was taken care of, and makes a vague reference to that wacky alternate world, ho ho yuck. Cordy goes on to say that now they have to "solve" her vision. Cary points out that she just said it was already taken care of. Cordy clarifies, "No, the one I'm having right now." She describes a red demon that's about to attack a man in a park in Glendale. The MoG stare at her. Angel finally says, "Uh, Cordy...?" We're finally allowed to see that Cordy is floating a foot or two above the floor as she asks, "What?" Ah. Comedy.

Next week: Angel needs money! For the baby! My two favorite plot elements finally come together -- I hope Fred gets to talk a lot, too!

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