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Wes: Mostly Armless

Oh my lord, Cordy still hasn't taken the hint. She's shouting Wesley's name and waving her arms as Wesley sits at his desk. Wesley, not to be outdone, is talking to himself about Cordy's situation: "But if she's in the astral plane, she could be here [and] unable to communicate." Cordy tries to read about astral projection over Wesley's shoulder, but he turns the page too quickly for her.

We cut back to Cordy's apartment, where Fred is insisting, "It doesn't make any sense." No doubt. Fred is actually talking about the fact that there's nothing unusual in Cordy's medicine cabinet. Gunn wanders into the bathroom, holding a bright green bra. Fred complains about Gunn looking at Cordy's "personal support things." Gunn asks if Fred never hid anything in her underwear drawer, and Fred stammers and burbles and requests that they change the subject. She finally explains, "I just figured [that] if Cordy was taking something serious like Seltrax, she'd have tried other stuff first, but there's not even any aspirin in here." She suspects that Phantom Dennis is protecting Cordelia. Gunn tries to explain their concern to Dennis, adding, "Unless you so hyped on the ghostin' life that you want her to join you?" When there's no response, Gunn sits down on the bed. A moment later, a box slides out from under the bed. Fred and Gunn pull out several bottles of pills. Fred says significantly, "The date on this prescription? It's from a year ago."

Blipvert to the Hyperion. Cordy's body is in Angel's bed. The stupid baby coos from its stupid crib. Angel sits next to the bed and says, "Cordy, look, I know you can't hear me, but there's something I have to say...You really piss me off, you know that?" He complains that Cordy's been getting MRIs and CAT scans over the past year, and never said a thing about it. He insists that he could have helped, although one has to wonder how. Astral Cordy replies, "I get hijacked on my birthday and you're the one that's furious?" Cary enters and prepares to try his Anagogic Mind-Meld. He rubs Cordy's temples and talks to her. Astral Cordy tries again to tell them to go to 171 Oak Street and stop the demon, but Cary doesn't hear her. He stops and tells Angel, "Cordelia's not in there. She's just gone." The spooky whispering starts up again. Angel stands up angrily and tells Cary, "You have a connection to The Powers That Be and you're gonna find me a way to talk to them." He does? He will? I'm almost beyond caring enough to complain, but I really preferred it when Cary was kinda amoral, and had no particular connection to the various forces of Good and Evil. Cary nervously tells Angel that it's dangerous to contact TPTB, and Angel responds by glaring. Cary quietly exits.

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