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Situational Ethics

A commercial break gives Cordy time to form a plan, so when we return, she quickly kicks Angelus in the crotch, then punches him. He releases her as he's knocked back, and she quickly hops into the cage and pulls the door shut. Pretty smart. Except she has to hold the door shut, which means she's within reach. Angelus grabs her by the hair and slams her head into the bars. She drops to the floor, unconscious. "Stay down!" Angelus orders, and then heads upstairs rather merrily.

Fred is in the office, bent over a desk in the hopes that Wesley will notice her low-rise pants. She turns suddenly to see Angelus at the door. Only he's pretending to be Angel. Like this wasn't confusing enough to recap. He awkwardly explains that he asked Cordy to let him out, and then says, "You know what, never mind," and turns to leave. Which is just a bit of business so that he can give the camera some Evil Looks without Fred's seeing, but it's entertaining. Fred insists that she's sorry for what he's gone through. Angelus smirks, and then spins back to Fred with a guilt-ridden expression. Fred says that they're all stressed, and Angelus chirps, "I could use a drink." Fred starts, and Angelus whines, "Now see, that's what I was afraid of. For the rest of your life, you'll only see this evil thing." He moves closer to Fred, and she insists that it's all in the past. Angelus smiles and thanks her, and then asks, "Could I get a hug?" Fred looks more confused, and then there's a crash out in the lobby. Fred turns her head toward the sound, and when she turns back, Angelus is gone.

Lilah and Wesley look down at the tray of coffee which she apparently dropped. Lilah explains that her "inner megalomaniac" rebels at serving coffee. Which doesn't make sense. Until they look up to see Angelus, who is standing next to the monitor. I think Lilah saw Cordy on the monitor and dropped the tray, then lied because, after all, she wanted Angelus set loose. Excellent. As Connor and Gunn enter, Angelus explains that Cordy talked him out of staying in the cage, adding, "Now I've got my own mission." He spots a leather jacket and grabs it, perhaps hoping he can find pants to match later. Connor asks what the mission is, but Angelus says it's too dangerous for anyone to join him. He hurries to the door, looks around shiftily, and deadpans, "I have to go save the world." Snerk. He exits quickly, and the rest of the MoG, and Lilah, look bemused. Fred enters and stands next to the monitor as she asks if anyone's seen Cordelia.

Cut to the boys gathering weapons. Gunn says that Connor will track Angelus while he, Fred, and Wesley follow in the truck. And Lilah and Cordy can cook dinner, or something. For the most part, the characters have been pretty intelligent in this episode, so it's hard to understand why they'd be silly enough to split up. The fact that they're taking the truck helps, since they wouldn't all fit inside it. Wesley's SUV, on the other hand, should hold them all. Oh well. Cordy holds an ice pack on her head and wonders why the spell didn't work. Lilah describes it as "dud ex machina." Wesley says, "Our only advantage is [that] Angelus may think we'll want to capture him. I think we're all agreed, that isn't an option anymore." By way of agreement, Lilah loads her pistol, and while I get the bullets-still-hurt thing, it's not her smartest moment. Fred isn't sure that she can kill Angelus, which is funny, because I'm completely sure she can't. Connor leads the others out in hot pursuit.

Angelus strides along a chaotic street scene. Cars are on fire, corpses lay in the road, a vampire pulls a fireman out of a truck and kills him. Cool! I mean, in a nice, relatively inexpensive, apocalypse-establishing way. Angelus gripes, "Like shooting fish in a barrel. Where's the fun in that?" He spots a little girl running past and grabs her, then sees that she's already in vamp-face. Oooo. "What happened to pedestrians? Human pedestrians?" He drops the girl and asks, "Is there no fast food left in Los Angeles?" Even when there's nobody listening to him, he just can't shut up. I can see why they're worried about him: Angelus could talk the whole world to death.

At the Hyperion, Cordy is having a crisis of faith. "The Beast, and then Angelus, and now there's something worse." She adds, "It just makes me question --" "What's it all for, huh?" Angelus asks from the second-floor balcony. See, he just wants someone to talk to. I wonder if that's how he drove Drusilla insane. He makes a "Grr!" face that I find amusing, and then leaps down into the lobby. Lilah starts firing the gun at him, which causes slow-motion to kick in. She's also holding an axe, so she's not completely dumb. Angelus does a flat somersault on his way down, which seems inefficient. As he lands, Lilah gives her gun an exasperated look and throws it to the floor. Well, what did you expect, Lilah? Cordy fires a crossbow at Angelus, but he catches the bolt and throws it back at her. It lands in her belly, and Angelus repeats, "This time you stay down!" He turns to Lilah and offers her a ten-second head start, since she was going to set him free. Lilah races off as Angelus starts the countdown. Cordy loads another bolt into the crossbow, and fires. It lands in the wall near Angelus, who turns and says, "Don't be jealous, kitten. She's just the warm-up. I'll save the good stuff for you." He ducks around the corner and continues counting down. Hey, he's not really giving her a head start if he's already following her! My goodness, he truly is evil.

Connor leads Gunn's truck into the same street scene we saw earlier. The others get out of the truck as Connor stops to report that the trail ends here, "and it's not a highly populated area." Not anymore, at least. Gunn wonders if someone gave Angelus a lift. Connor guesses, "He would go to the place where he could wreak the most damage." Wesley says that doesn't mean he'd go to a populated area. Fred realizes, "He doubled back," and they race to the truck.

Angelus wanders the hotel calling for Lilah. Lilah wanders some dark rooms and hallways. Angelus walks past the room she's in, whistling. Once he's gone by, Lilah steps out and quietly heads down the hall in the other direction. Naturally, Angelus pops out at her, shouting, "Boo!" She tries to hit him with the axe, but Angelus knocks her down and takes the axe away. He suggests that they could have made a good team, and Lilah agrees, "Could still make." Angelus babbles for a while about how she's not looking too effective anymore, plus he's hungry, and finishes by saying, "You know, you're lucky I'm letting you yak this long." Good grief. You know who'd scare the crap out of Angelus? The Gentlemen. Angelus lunges at Lilah with the axe, but she kicks her legs up and flips him over into the stairwell. She tosses some furniture down onto him for good measure, and then hurries away.

As Lilah hobbles down a hallway, clutching her side again, an arm suddenly grabs her by the throat. She's slammed into a door frame by Cordy. "He's gonna kill us," Lilah gasps. Cordy says, "I know." Then she pulls out the Beast's homemade dagger and plunges it into Lilah's neck. Lilah drops. Cordy looks down at the body and sighs, "Why do you think I let him out, you stupid bitch?" Bad delivery there. But at least she's not as chatty as Angelus is.

Next time: Faith. Do you need to know anything else? I didn't think so.

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