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Situational Ethics
mped Fred five minutes ago and already his brain is growing back.

Dramatic music plays as Lilah runs through the sewer tunnels, clutching her side. The music might be overdoing it a little, because she's not running that fast. It's more like a slow jog. Perhaps she should have worn her sensible shoes for this expedition. She runs past the camera, and then Wesley appears. He's not really racing as fast as possible, either. Is he wearing high heels, too?

Gunn keeps the gun aimed at Angelus while Connor checks the locks on the cage and kicks the crowbar out of reach. Gunn wonders what Lilah was doing, Cordy wonders how Lilah knew about Angelus, Connor wonders if Lilah stole the soul, and Fred wonders how Lilah survived Satan's attack on Wolfram & Hart. They're just chock full o' questions!

Back to the overly dramatic jogging music. Wesley breaks in one of those doors you often find in sewers on this show. He enters the room, and Lilah attacks him with a pipe, but he grabs her arm and takes it away. She greets him by observing, "You're a son of a bitch." She crosses the room and sits down on a stool by some piles of clothes. Wesley looks around and chides her, "When I said, 'go underground,' I didn't think you'd --" Lilah is checking her side, because it seems that the puncture she got from Satan is still bleeding. Wesley offers to check the wound, but Lilah quickly pulls her sweater over her bloody shirt and insists that she's fine. She explains that she heard about Angel's desouling through the magical grapevine, and then guesses that it was Wesley's idea, because who else would come up with something that dumb? (She doesn't say that last part.) Lilah goes on to claim that she wouldn't have let Angelus out of the cage. Wesley is dubious, noting, "You always wanted Angelus." Well, there was that time on the desk, but this is no time to be...oh. He means Wolfram & Hart. But he's still wrong; the point of Season Two was that they wanted a souled Angel to choose naughtiness. Lilah tells Wesley that she wants her life back: "I'm selfish that way. That's why we wouldn't have worked out." She's wearing a shirt that exactly matches her skin tone in this lighting, which means it looks like the cardigan is all she's got on. Yow. Wesley says that her selfishness wasn't their only problem. Like, there's also his self-righteousness. During the ensuing awkward moment, Wesley notices a book and picks it up. Lilah says she was looking for a way to stop Satan. Wesley says that he looked through his own copy and there's nothing about Satan in it. He's startled as he finds a page with a nice clear drawing of Satan. Then, hilariously, he flips through a few pages, looks at the binding, and declares that his copy of the book is "identical" except for the part about Satan. Maybe a more thorough comparison is in order. Lilah says she picked the book up on the "pan-dimensional black market." Black market? Is there a legal pan-dimensional store? Wesley figures that all references to Satan were removed from this dimension, then wonders, "What would something that powerful need to hide?" It might not be hiding anything. Maybe it's just modest.

Cut to Gunn, who says, "Something is doing the Beast's dirty work." Cordy agrees that Satan must have had help to kill Manny, and Connor adds the Svear's family to the evidence. Fred doesn't think Lilah's the type to get her hands bloody, so Gunn speculates that Satan's got his own minions. From the cage, Angelus grouses, "Morons." He gets up off the floor and adds, "That big rock doesn't have minions. It is a minion." Cordy asks what he means, and Angelus tells her, "There's something bigger, something worse. The Beast has a boss." I bet Satan is working for Russ. Or possibly Lindsey's evil hand.

After the ads, Cordelia doth protest too much. Angelus asks the question on everyone's mind: "How could you survive this long being so retarded?" Angelus points out that Satan is more brawn than brain, and that the current situation is a little too complicated for him to have thought up on his own. And then there's some more ominous-ity.

Wesley and Lilah enter the lobby. I guess they made a side trip to get coffee or something, because why not come back through the sewers? The rest of the MoG glare at their visitor, and Lilah asks, "What, no..." before realizing that the "What, no hug?" thing is a little tired, so she quickly substitutes "...cake?" instead. It's still a dumb line, though. If she tried to check in to the hotel, and asked Connor to fetch her bags from the car, that would have been funnier. Wesley vouches for Lilah's...uh, well "innocence" isn't the right word, but he insists that she was trying to get information from Angelus, and that she didn't steal the soul-bottle and isn't working with Satan. The others mostly take Wesley's word for it, for some mysterious reason. Gunn asks how Lilah managed to escape Satan's attack on Wolfram & Hart. Lilah says, "Got lucky," and quickly looks at Wesley.

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