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Invasion of the Body Snatcher

I miss the real blipverts. These are just shoddy imitations without freeze-frame fun. Marcel, still unconscious, is sitting in a chair with his hands tied with, like, a shoelace. Yeah, that'll hold him. Wesley hands some paper to Angus and tells him to read the incantation. Angus makes with the spell, and the pretty lights go zipping back to their correct bodies. Angel blearily looks around and says, "It's cool, Gunn, it's me." Presumably they saw the pretty colored lights and don't need his confirmation, because that "it's me," by itself wouldn't convince me. Gunn unties Angel as Cordy enters and hands over the orb. Marcus starts yelling that they can't take his orb, but Angel takes it in his hand and crushes it to dust. Marcus says that Angel doesn't deserve his body. Angel replies, "I was going to say the same thing to you. And I'll tell you why you have a weak heart, Marcus. You never use it." What hackneyed dialogue this episode has. Marcus continues ranting that they're all pathetic, but then gasps as his heart starts stuttering again. He moans in his chair as Angel and the MoG stride down the hall. Ryan and another orderly hurry down the hall as Angel explains, "Dad's having a bad night." It's funny when old people die! I mean, yeah, he was kinda evil and all, but still.

Fred's out in the courtyard reading. In the dark. No wonder she needs glasses. Angel walks out and says howdy. Fred asks how his head is, and apologizes for clubbing him. Angel says, "I gather I had it coming." Fred agrees. He sits down next to her and says he's been meaning to talk to her. Fred's her perky self at first, and then as Angel hesitates, her smile melts away. She asks, "Is this about how you're not like other men, what with that curse and all, and you're really fond of me but that's as far as it goes?" Angel barely whispers, "Um. Yeah." Aw. Fred says that Cordy explained it to her: "She said you'd probably just screw it up." Angel semi-belligerently replies, "Oh she did, did she?" After a second, he admits, "She's probably right." Fred looks down, and I'm all with the aw-ing until she says, "It's like something out of Fitzgerald. The man who can have everything but love." It is? No, I'm pretty sure it isn't. She realizes she might be depressing someone besides herself, and continues, "Maybe in some ways you're better off. Because love is...well, in a way it's everything. It's also heartache and disappointment, and those are good things to avoid." Sing it, sister. We hear footsteps approach, and Cordy hurries out to join them. She announces, "Willow's on the phone. She's alive! Buffy's alive!" Cordy hurries back inside. Angel turns to look at Fred for a second and then jumps up and heads into the hotel. Fred sits by herself and wonders, "Buffy?" I know what you mean, kiddo.

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