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Invasion of the Body Snatcher

Before things get any more confusing, I guess I'm going to have to come up with some terminology here. Unfortunately, I can't duplicate the Fuffy/Baith magic with these names, because I end up with "Mngel" and "Aarcus." Humph. I was hoping I could find some combination that would allow me to refer to Angel as "Man-gel," but alas, that didn't work either. The best I can do with these names is "Marcel" for Marcus-in-Angel's-body, and "Angus" for "Angel-in-Marcus's-body." Got that? Okay, moving on.

Marcel leaves the retirement home and starts to mosey down the street when Cordy calls him. Marcel eyes Cordy and says, "Hel-lo!" She asks what he found at the home, and after a moment, Marcel nervously says, "Nothing. Didn't pan out. How 'bout you?" Cordy says she got a trial membership and some new friends, but no leads. She tells Marcel to get in the car, so she can take him back to the hotel. Marcel hops in and leeringly repeats, "You and me! Goin' back to the hotel!" Cordy stares at him and asks whether he's okay. Marcel says, "Honey, I've never been better." And then Cordelia stakes him. Well, she doesn't, but she totally should have at that point. As the car pulls away, Marcel leans over so that his head is outside the car. Maybe he actually swapped bodies with a dog. Oh! Or maybe it's a remake of The Shaggy DA! That'd be quite exciting.

Marcel strolls into the Hyperion lobby and, after looking around, says "Nice!" He says that a lot. Cordy heads into the office, which confuses Marcel; he's busily ringing the bell at the front desk. He calls, "Hellooo, paying customer? Slow night." It's convenient how Cordy only hears the remarks that would make sense coming from Angel. Anyway, she agrees, adding, "Maybe Wes or Gunn found out something." Marcel tries to force his new brain to think, and looks at the business cards on the front desk. He talks to himself as he puts the pieces together: "Wes or Gunn. They're a great part of our investigating team. Working here with us, in this old, abandoned hotel." His delivery is pretty amusing, and reminds me of someone in a bad role-playing game. And from his point of view, that's what it is, but you'd think he'd be better at it. Oh well. Angel pulls out one of the cards, and hey -- they've all got personalized cards! Even Gunn! Except Angel doesn't, I guess because it would look dumb, with his lack of a last name and all. Angel picks up Cordy's card and reads the name: "Cordelia." She looks up, and he continues, "Have I ever told you that you're a very beautiful woman?" Cordy obligingly provides her own context, and says, "Very funny. I know you never said anything that tacky and overt to Fred. But you're still going to have that talk, whether you want to or not." Is it tacky to tell someone they're beautiful, now? I'm so far out of touch. Marcel plays along to figure out what Cordy's talking about. She advises him, "Just keep it simple. One: you're not like other men. Two: there's no room in the workplace for romance." Marcel mutters, "Romance with Fred. So I'm a --" He looks down at the clothes he's wearing, and nods. "Obviously." Tee hee. Cordy is once again oblivious, tells Marcel to get some rest from his long hard day of talking to people, and leaves. While Marcel's goofball delivery of his lines is entertaining, I do have trouble imagining Rance Howard talking the way Marcel does.

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