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Invasion of the Body Snatcher

Angus comes to in the retirement home. He gets up and crosses the room to look in a mirror, where he sees a blur. He fumbles around for his glasses and then looks again. You'd expect him to have more reaction to seeing anything in the mirror, much less seeing someone who isn't him. Sure, he knows what's happened, but if you just get a new haircut it's still surprising to see it in the mirror for a while.

Angus sneaks out of his room and down to the lobby, where a phone sits on a desk. He doesn't have a phone in his room? Is this a retirement home or a prison? We cut to the office at the Hyperion; Marcel is flipping through the various files when the phone rings. Marcel lets the machine get it, and hears Angus tell Cordy to pick up the phone. Needless to say, Rance Howard does make some effort to talk like Angel. Upon hearing, uh, himself, Marcel merrily picks up the phone and says, "How's my head? Hope you put some ice on it. Sweet deal you got going here -- love the hotel! And Cordelia, woof! That's how I spell W-O-M-A-N!" Is that a senior citizen talking? Seriously. ["'Woof'?" -- Wing Chun] Angus asks where Cordy is, and Marcel tells him not to worry about anything "except eating some nice soft foods and staying out of Ryan's way." "'Ryan'?" Angus wonders, at which point the phone is plucked out of his hand by -- you guessed it: Ryan the orderly, or night nurse, or warden, or whatever. Ryan says that Marcus just lost his phone privileges for the month. Yeah! Keep those old people off the phones! Meanwhile, Marcel takes the cassette out of the answering machine and smashes it. Wouldn't it have been less conspicuous just to rewind the tape? Ryan escorts Angus back to his room, while reminding him that he's not supposed to leave his, "room," so late at night. I hope when Angel gets his body back, he'll rescue the retirees from this place. Ryan makes sure that Angus isn't having one of his "episodes," which I guess is a little pun, and then chuckles, "My advice, Marcus? You start thinking you're a twenty-four-year-old stud or a famous skateboarder, keep it to yourself. Unless you want to wake up in iso and restraints again, copy?" Good grief.

The next morning, Cordy walks into the office to find Marcel asleep at the desk, with files and papers spread out on every available surface. She wakes Marcel, who calls her "doll" and explains that he must have fallen asleep while working on the case. Cordy asks whether he was too tired to go up to his room, and he blurts, "My room? Which I have upstairs! Yeah, I was just givin' a hundred percent, like I always do. What'd I do with that darn case file?" Cordy holds up the case file and explains that he gave it to her. Marcel says he must be getting old, and reaches out for it, but Cordy snatches it away and says, "Not until you have that talk with Fred." And that's, naturally, when Wesley strolls in, enthusing about the superior merits of brewed tea to the bagged variety. Kelly -- who, I'll repeat, has never seen the show before -- can already tell where this scene is going. Wesley sees the messy office and asks what happened, and Marcel says he was just looking for something. Cordy reminds Marcel again about "the talk," and exits. Marcel tries to clean up the mess he made and tries to trade pleasantries with Wesley. He gives up almost immediately, sits down, and declares, "So, we gotta talk. Thing is, I got nothing against you personally, it's just --" He squirms about in his chair and admits that this is harder than he thought it would be. Wesley, concerned, says, "Whatever it is, you know I'm here for you," and puts a comforting hand on Marcel's knee. Which doesn't make much sense, but it is kind of entertaining to watch Marcel react by scooting the chair back. Not to mention the way he blurts, "Yeah, well, that may be the problem." Marcel crosses his legs in the accepted "manly" style and babbles, "Whatever we had, whatever we...did...I just think we should keep that behind us. Start from scratch. Two men working side by side but, you know, none of that funny stuff." Wesley sits back and looks a bit irritated, frankly. Marcel sticks his hand out and asks, "Shake on that?" Wesley gives up trying to make sense of the situation and simply says, "I guess." They shake. And then I give up trying to make sense of the situation, since after the handshake, Marcel stands and declares, "Hey, you're all right! Give me a hug!" and pulls Wesley into a big hug. Marcel is giving such mixed signals.

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