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City of Angel

So it's 10:00, or probably 10:30, since Tina has changed into a snazzy black dress and put her hair up. Angel asks if she wants to go out for a drink, and she pulls out mace or pepper spray or something. She says she knows who he is, and that he should tell Russell to leave her alone. Angel denies any connection to Russell, and claims that he started talking to her because she looked lonely, "and I figured then we had something in common." This melts Tina's heart, and she apologizes, explaining that she's having "relationship issues." Angel asks who Russell is, and I picture Space Ghost saying "Russell rhymes with muscle." That's probably just me, though. Tina won't say who Russell is, but does explain that she is from Montana, came to town to be a famous movie star, and now wants to go back home. But right now she has to go to a party, so Angel takes her there. Okay, if she thought that Angel was one of Russell's henchmen out to nab her, and believed that she'd need mace to defend herself against him, why the hell did she agree to meet him after work, by herself, in an empty parking lot? Methinks Tina ain't too bright.

Blipvert. They arrive at the party. Gratuitous video camera. The hostess points out that Angel is very attractive. ["Again, I say NOT." -- Wing Chun] Angel: "Who's Russell." Tina: "He's someone I made the mistake of trusting." Tina wanders off to talk to her friend. An older bearded gent points out that Angel is very attractive (do they think that if they keep telling us that, we'll believe it? ["It's not working on me." -- Wing Chun]), and offers to be his manager. Angel repeatedly insists he is not an actor. Is that supposed to be a funny self-referential nod to the fact that many Buffy fans criticize David Boreanaz's acting abilities? If so, it was a good effort, except for not actually being very funny. Angel wanders through the party and runs into -- surprise! -- Cordelia. They chat. She says she's an actress and has a small condo and so on. Then she excuses herself, saying "I really should be talking to people who are somebody." Angel sees Tina having a tense discussion with a swarthy man who appears to have spent a lot of time oiling his hair. Swarthy Guy grabs her arm and hisses that Russell wants to see her, but she breaks away, then sees Angel. He asks who Swarthy Guy is, and Tina says, "Stacy. He's just a creep." Then she asks if they can go.

As they step out of the elevator to the hotel parking garage, two men grab Angel and pull him back into the elevator before the doors close. Another man grabs Tina as Stacy comes out of the other elevator. Stacy tells Tina that "he" (Russell, one assumes) just wants to see her. Tina seems to calm down, makes a break for it, and is caught again just in time for the commercial. Gee, lucky thing she had that mace.

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