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City of Angel

Having dispatched (killed or KO'd, it's hard to tell) the two henchmen, Angel races to the rescue, leaping into his black convertible, trying the key, pausing, and then realizing that he is actually in the wrong black convertible; his is a few spaces over to the right. Heh. Stacy, Tina and henchman #3 speed off toward the exit. I'm not sure why they're speeding, since they have no reason to think they're being chased at this point. Having found his car, Angel races after them. Oh wait, somehow he got in front of them, because now they're driving toward each other. Maybe Stacy parked his car in a far corner of the garage or something. I don't know. Anyway, they play chicken, and henchman #3 loses, crashing into a parked car. A few punches are exchanged, and Tina is rescued. Hooray!

Cut to Cordy, who is living in a crappy efficiency apartment and has no jobs and no food. That was the entire point of this scene. The end.

Angel makes tea for Tina back at his swinging bachelor pad. Angel: "Do you take milk and sugar?" Tina: "Yeah." Angel: (with a nice tone of embarrassment) "...'Cause I don't have those things." Heh. Tina notices Angel's decorating style, which consists mainly of swords and battle-axes hanging on the walls, and Angel explains that he has some relationship issues himself. Tina asks if this is the part where he "comforts" her, since he's earned it. I thought that was a nice way of showing that Tina was accustomed to being used, but Johanna thought she was just being a whore. Tina starts crying, and Angel offers her a dishtowel, which I also liked, because Angel's even less likely than most men to buy tissues. Angel asks if Russell has a last name because he too realizes that having just one name means you're a demon, and Tina says yes but won't say what it is. Tina does say that Russell likes pain, and implies he may have killed a girl she knew named Denise.

Blipvert. While Tina sleeps, Angel looks through her phone book, finds Denise's last name, and goes down to the library. Using, he is able to pull up her headshot and aliases. A search of news archives pulls up some more blipverts, as well as articles about female murder victims. (If you have freeze-frame, you can look at the text of these news articles and learn some interesting facts about restraining orders, recycling, and rhino horns. You can also see Angel sticking his tongue out.) Then a search of missing persons reports finds a girl with a rose tattoo just like the one Denise has. Well, had. Also, Denise looks suspiciously like Cordelia in bad makeup.

As the sun rises after a really, really long night, Angel makes his way home through the sewers. He arrives just in time to wake Tina, who is having a nightmare. After comforting her, he tells her that her friend Denise is dead, and that Russell has probably killed a lot of other girls. I think Tina might have been happier with her nightmare. But then Tina spies the note Doyle wrote with her name on it, and deduces that Angel showed up at the coffee bar looking for her. She decides that Angel is in on whatever game Russell is playing with her head, and runs upstairs toward the door. Angel follows her and grabs her arm, but as she tries to break free his arm is pulled into a ray of sunlight and bursts into flame. He jumps back as his vamp face appears and another blipvert bewilders us all. Horrified, either by the blipvert or the really terrible vampire makeup, Tina runs away. D'oh!

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