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City of Angel

Tina races home and starts frantically packing her bag. Among her possessions is a revolver. She suddenly grabs it and whirls, aiming at the well-dressed man standing there. If she's that quick with the gun, why was she bothering with mace? This man is, of course, Russell. He calmly says he's been looking for her, and that he owns this building and most of the rest of the block. Tina asks what he did to Denise. Russell says he bought her a ticket home. He says he only wants to help Tina, takes the gun away from her, and claims he'll provide anything she wants. She says she wants to go home. Then he vamps out and bites her. Okay, it's daylight. I guess the fact that he owns the building is meant to imply he knows about some underground route in and out. Especially since we then see Angel busting into the room some undisclosed amount of time later to find Tina dead on the floor. (How'd he find out where she lived?) He tries to check her pulse at her neck and his fingers come away wet with blood. Blood. On his hands. We get it. I will say that I was surprised and pleased that she got killed. Earlier in the show I'd thought, "I hope he screws up sometimes, because it's much more interesting if you don't know he'll always save the day." And then he screwed up right away! Cool.

Cut to the body bag being zipped up around Tina while some cops confer. Angel watches from a rooftop across the street, prior to casually hopping to the ground. Then he storms into his basement with Doyle in tow. How'd he contact Doyle? Or did Doyle just turn up? They get to work tracking down the bad guys through the car they were driving. Doyle tries to delve into Angel's guilt complex, but Angel says he doesn't want to share his feelings: "I want to find the guy that killed Tina, and I want to look him in the eye." "Then what?" Doyle asks. "Then I'm gonna share my feelings." Angel says this in such a gruff whisper that I half-expect him to follow it up with "I'm Batman."

At a big ol' mansion, Russell is talking to his lawyer while watching the videotape of Tina from the party. I will not make any of the obvious jokes about lawyers and vampires. Russell spies Cordelia on the videotape, and decides she looks tasty.

Blipvert. We see the window of "Stacy's Gym Supplies," and then Angel smashes the window and begins beating up Stacy and demanding information. Cordelia is meditating when she gets a phone call from the party's hostess. Russell Winters wants to meet her. Tonight. Ruh-roh! Angel is packing up his bag o' weapons while Doyle makes chit-chat. Cordy rides in a limo, on her way to Russell and CERTAIN DEATH! Angel tells Doyle he has to drive. Doyle protests. Angel is having none of it. Why does he want Doyle with him? Cordy admires the Russell mansion as the butler escorts her through it toward...RUSSELL. Who will KILL HER. Then she walks into the room Russell is in, and he dismisses the butler. The tension is just indescribable. Thank god there's a commercial here so I can catch my breath.

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