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City of Angel

Cordy effectively fell two stories there, and the fact that Angel was carrying her doesn't make a difference. In fact, his carrying her meant she "landed" on the small of her back. I think she should have been injured. Hey, I can nit-pick if I want.

At the sound of gunfire, Doyle drives away, but his Jiminy Cricketness gets the best of him and he turns the car around and tries to ram through the gates. The gates hold. Good effort, though. Just then Angel and Cordy run out and jump in the car, and the Scooby Gang MK 2 drives away.

Back in the basement, Doyle pulls bullets out of Angel's chest, and I think I really prefer Angel with a shirt on. ["Word. I mean, I've seen my dad without his shirt on and lived to tell the tale, but that doesn't mean I want to see it on TV. See, because David Boreanaz is my dad's age." -- Wing Chun] Cordy says "You really put the fear of God into that Russell guy. He's not going to come looking for me...right?" Angel and Doyle look pensive.

It's daytime at the Russell Winters Enterprises building. And other places too, I expect. Russell is chatting with his lawyers again about tracking down the intruder from last night. Ironically, just then Angel walks through the conference room doors. Am I the only one who was reminded of The Crow here? The lawyer threatens Angel. Angel ignores him. Russell tries to talk sense to Angel. Russell says he doesn't make waves, and adds, "In return, I can do anything I want." Angel appears to contemplate this, as he puts one leg on the chair Russell is sitting in. Johanna thought this was a seductive move on Angel's part, but I think Johanna is out of her mind. "Can you fly?" Angel asks, and with that he kicks the chair so that it rolls back and smashes through the floor-to-ceiling windows behind Russell. Guess ol' Russell never saw The Hudsucker Proxy, or he might have gotten shatterproof windows. Russell is vamped-out and falling a very long way and outside in the daylight, so you wind up with a plummeting flaming vampire who finally burns up before he hits the ground, which is fairly cool. His chair mysteriously vanishes while he's falling, but we do see it hit the ground. Angel leaves, while the lawyer takes out his cell phone and arranges a meeting to discuss the "new player in town."

Back at home, Angel calls Buffy but hangs up when she answers. Which was the clever little tie-in to the episode of Buffy that aired just before Angel, where we saw her get this mysterious phone call. Ain't that cute? Ho-hum. Doyle wanders in and asks why Angel isn't more pleased that he took care of Russell. Doyle doesn't realize that for Angel, that particular inert expression means he's overjoyed. Angel says he didn't help anyone, but Doyle points out that there's a girl upstairs who'd disagree. Cue Cordy's scream. They race upstairs (which has a lot of windows letting in a lot of sunlight, I'd like to point out) and of course Cordy was scared by a bug as she tidied up the office. Blah blah blah, we establish the premise that they'll all work together and help people and so on. Cordy wanders off, and then Angel asks Doyle if he thinks Cordy is "a hottie." Doyle's response is "Ah yeah, she's a stiffener all right, I can't lie about that."

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