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Angel vs. The Too-Accurate Metaphor

Out in the lobby, Cordy is tending to Groo's wounds. And making unnuendos. Groo tells Cordy that he has a confession to make. Angel tries to stop him, and Cordy starts to panic at the idea that maybe Groo tripped and fell on someone at the brothel. Angel says that Groo was very heroic, but Groo interrupts to say that was reckless and put everyone in danger. He adds, "Angel is the true champion. He saved us all." Cordy, of course, just loves Groo even more for being so honest and noble. She takes the potion from Angel and starts to drag Groo out the door, but Angel calls her back. Angel takes Cordy's hand and puts a giant mafia-sized roll of hundreds in it. Cordy is understandably confused, and asks what the money's for. Angel says, "I did something for you tonight. Now I want you to do something for me. Don't come in tomorrow." Ha! Wait, sorry, this is apparently supposed to be noble. I thought it was a "I never wanna see your face again, you whore!" severance package. Angel says he wants Cordy to go off with Groo for a few weeks, take a vacation, go through detox, whatever she wants. Because it's not as if she might have a vision and need to -- oh, never mind. Cordy accepts the money, and then asks if Angel wants any first aid, if you know what I mean. Angel insists that he's fine: "It didn't hurt a bit." See, that's one of those layered meaning things. I can tell. Johanna says, "Aw, Angel doesn't even want to be bandaged, so you know he's sad!" Wesley comes out of the office and he and Angel stare at each other for a minute. Then Angel turns to leave, because he'd rather feel miserable and alone than talk to Wesley, and who can blame him?

Upstairs, Cary is putting the baby to bed, which means Angel is about due for his daily five minutes of quality parenting time. Angel stares down at the brat while Cary asks, "You okay?" Angel says he is, and Cary leaves.

Back in the office, Wesley is working on the neverending prophecies. He writes "the son" on a notepad, and I kind of like his handwriting, but he's still an ass. Angel wanders in, carrying the baby, and Wesley says, "You startled me." Angel apologizes in between making googly eyes at the kid. Wesley grumpily hints, "I thought I was alone," which is an odd thing for him to think considering that Cary, Angel, and the baby live there. Angel cheerfully says, "So did I," and traumatizes the baby by giving it a kiss. Once again, layers of meaning. Because Angel also thought Wesley was alone. No, hang on, I've got it. Angel thought that he, Angel, was alone. And then he remembered that he can use a kid as a substitute for adult relationships, so everything's okay. Hooray! Angel exits. Wesley looks down at his notes and the camera moves in dramatically so we can see that the last thing he's written is "The father will kill the son." Great, now my hopes for the show are resting on Wesley's translating skills.

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