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Angel vs. The Too-Accurate Metaphor

Gunn and Fred are having breakfast at a diner. Gunn mentions that he thought she and Wesley "had a thing for each other." Fred assures Gunn that she and Wesley are just friends. Gunn prepares to order her another plate of pancakes, but she stops him, all in a tizzy. Gunn assures her, "I love watching you eat." That is a good line to use on the womenfolk, if you ask me. I mean, unless the girl in question is eating a banana or something. Just a handy dating tip from me. My dating tips are worth even less than my fashion tips, though, so I'm not making any guarantees. Fred says they should go because "people might start to talk." Gunn doesn't understand why, and Fred says, "You" Gunn assumes she means the folks back at the office, and reminds her that they always go to the diner for breakfast. Fred says things are different now that they've kissed, and asks if he thinks "they can tell." Gunn looks around and asks, "From here?" Fred apologizes and reminds us all that she spent five years in a cave, so she's not used to dating. Gunn and I chorus, "I know what that's like." Fred asks what he means, and Gunn says, "Now everything's so bright, my eyes hurt." Ugh. That is not a good line to use on the womenfolk. Fred and Gunn stare at each other as a waitress drops the bill on the table. Gunn and Fred both put hands on the bill, and Fred coyly asks, "How are we gonna work this?" Gunn says they'll just split it like always, and Fred says, "But you hardly ordered anything. I'd be getting so much more value." Maybe Fred can make up for it later, when Gunn has some orders for her. Sometimes I type things and then I worry about myself. Anyway, Gunn says he's making out okay, and they both lean over for a kiss, but then their proximity alert alarms go off. Oh wait, it's just Wesley paging them on their beepers.

For those coming in late: I just recapped a conversation about how to split the bill for a $10 breakfast. Where'd I put those scissors?

At the Hyperion, Wesley tells the others that the demon Cordy saw is a Senih'd, and passes around his Dungeonmaster's Guide so they can all look at the picture. Was I the only one who heard "Thneed," and figured this was gonna be a Dr. Seuss cross-over? Just checking. Angel stands near Groo, and rises up on his toes so that he's taller. Because he's insecure. And jealous. In case you forgot. Wesley suggests that Angel enter the sewers while the rest of them go to the water treatment plant at the park and head back toward Angel, and presumably they'll run into the Senih'd at some point in between. Groo looks at the book and declares that it "resembles the Bleaucha, which nests in the Scum Pits of Ur." Hee. "Bleaucha." Pronounced "bleck-ah." They really enjoy making the actors say silly things. I appreciate that. Anyway, Groo's killed bunches of Bleaucha, and says "Tracking it will be simple. Killing it, more difficult." Angel rolls his eyes and mutters, "Well, yeah." Wesley amends his plan and tells Groo to go with Angel. Because that way the two strongest fighters are together, and the other group is much weaker. I'll never understand why people think Wesley is smart. The soundtrack toots to alert us to the fact that Angel's not happy about teaming up with Groo. I wish they'd replace the flutes and string section with a laugh track, because at this point that would be less intrusive. As everyone gets ready for action, Angel complains to Wesley that he doesn't like his study partner: "I'm more of a loner. Plus he's so...bulky." Okay, hee, I guess. I'm too busy hating the soundtrack to discriminate, here. Angel goes on whining when Cordy hands Groo Angel's favorite broadsword. Cordy brings over a tiny little axe for Angel, gives Groo a kiss goodbye, and everyone heads out.

Koyannisquatsi-vert. Angel and Groo wander through the sewers. Angel asks if Groo can sense anything, and Groo answers, "A deep sadness." Angel turns and looks at Groo with exasperation. Or maybe it's me that's looking at Groo that way. Turns out Groo thinks he's making Cordy unhappy. Angel reluctantly assures Groo that Cordy's thrilled to have Groo. Uh, to have Groo around, that is. Groo insists that "there is a distance, as if her heart is not free." The conversation is interrupted by the audience moaning in impotent rage because we really, truly do get it. Hang on, I think that's actually the demon bellowing. That just shows that it hasn't even been on the planet for a full day, and he gets it. And he's sick of it. Poor demon -- what a world to come into. Angel and Groo try to track down the source of a sad beast lowing in pain at being exposed to toxic doses of melodrama. Angel spots some drops on the ground and kneels to investigate. Because what would small puddles of moisture be doing in a sewer tunnel? And he puts his fingers in it, too. Eeeew. Turns out that it's blood, so they follow the trail. I see a hand in the back of the class, what's that? It seems someone wants to know how the Senih'd got wounded so that it's leaving a trail of blood. Oh, you're watching this for plot, aren't you? Well, go away. Your kind isn't welcome here.

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