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Angel vs. The Too-Accurate Metaphor

Wesley's at the front desk, making a phone call about a book he's trying to track down. He looks out at the others, then backs up so that, from Wesley's point of view, Gunn is eclipsed by a pillar and Fred is still in his line of sight. Ew, creepy.

Angel asks Ms. Frakes for the name of the fiancé-stealing harlot. She hands over some emails she found on Jerry's computer (again: ew, creepy) from "HotBlonde37159." Angel thinks it might be tricky to track someone down from just an email, although I don't know why, since Fred had no trouble tracing a website. Wesley enters the office as Ms. Frakes suggests that if they follow Jerry, he'll lead them to "HotBlonde." Why doesn't she just do that herself? It seems like she's already done most of the work here. Wesley immediately insists that they can spare someone to watch Jerry, and calls Gunn. Wesley tells Gunn about the case, hands him the emails, and sends him on his way. Fred follows after Gunn, telling Wesley, "We won't let you down." Wesley makes a "Drat!" face. So Wesley is now trying to use his "authority" to separate Gunn and Fred for his own reasons. After all, if he thought that having the two of them work together would be dangerous because they'd be distracted, he could tell them that instead of playing these manipulative games.

Angel and Wesley arrive at a bookstore. Angel grumbles that maybe Cordy should "just make with the com-shuk" and get it over with. Wesley asks the store owner for the "Grammaticus Third Century Greek Commentaries" he asked about on the phone, and the owner scurries off to get it. Angel keeps on insisting that Cordy should have sex. This conversation is so inappropriate, although I guess it's Cordy's fault for bringing it up. So to speak. Wesley, busy hefting his own industrial-strength duffel bag of issues, wonders whether having an office romance will complicate things. Groo's worked with them for a day. Is that really an office romance? He's more like a temp. Unless they're just assuming that this is yet another person they're supporting with Angel's untold (and unidentified) riches. Angel doesn't think that's a problem, anyway. Wesley points out that Cordy might lose her visions, but Angel isn't concerned about that. Wesley asks, "Are you suggesting Groosalugg could replace Cordelia?" Great, now I'm picturing Groo in Cordy's clothes. That's a mean thing to make me do. Angel pouts, "Maybe not Cordelia..." and Wesley finally picks up on the fact that Angel feels threatened by Groo. Wesley spouts nonsense like, "You're the reason we've all come together. It's your mission which animates us." Or at least, it's his problems that keep the MoG from actually managing to help anyone else. I guess that's kind of like a mission. Wesley tells Angel that he's unique, indicating the bookshelves and adding "like one of these rare volumes, one of a kind." On cue, the store owner returns with a few volumes and announces, "I've got three of 'em." Even the soundtrack is too tired to bother working itself up for that punchline.

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