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Angel vs. The Too-Accurate Metaphor

Cut to Gunn and Fred, who are wrapped in a collection of tree roots in an underground cave. ["That's some powerful cell phone Gunn has. I can't use my cell phone in my basement." -- Wing Chun] Gunn briefly explains the situation while we pull back to see that Jerry is lying on the ground some distance away, still twitching although there's a root sticking into his chest. Gunn describes the problem as "some root-crazy, tree-like demony thing." Well put. Fred adds that the tree has "what looks like a DSL connection." Sure enough, we see a bunch of computer screens and keyboards in among the roots. Fred expositions, "We're pretty sure he chats up lonely hearts online, and then sucks them down here for food." I'm going to interrupt here to mention that for a lot of this episode, I was on the phone with Johanna. And I'd read spoilers, so I knew what was going on, but Johanna didn't, so I'd kind of explain things to her when necessary. When Johanna saw the tree roots with the computers, and asked what the hell was happening, and I explained, and she didn't believe me at first, and I don't blame her a bit. Then she asked why the tree had to get online to find victims, and suggested that maybe it could just nab people who were out walking their dogs. I had no answer for her. ["I can accept that a tree could type on a keyboard with its roots. But how does it see the screens?" -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Angel's first question is "Have you called Wesley yet?" which makes no sense. "Hi, Angel, we're in terrible danger and need help!" "I see. Have you called Wesley?" What kind of response is that? Maybe he doesn't believe their story about the demon tree that lures people to their doom via the internet, and he thinks it's a prank call. I could understand him thinking that. Gunn and Fred say they didn't want to bother Wesley, presumably because they don't want to admit that they were kissing on the job, which they would have to admit because why? Oh, they wouldn't, because it's not relevant. Blech. Gunn finally says, "Nothing against Wes, but I'm not sure he can help us out at the moment. What we really need --"

We cut back to the brothel, as Angel holds out the phone and says, "It's for you." Oh come on. Gunn told Angel that they needed Groo's help? Sure.

Angel and Groo hurry through the sewer tunnels. Angel suddenly stops because he can sense evil. So can Groo, so he wants to rush forward, but Angel urges caution. He also calls Groo "Champ," which makes me twitch. Groo hands Angel the prophylactic potion and asks him to keep it safe, then charges forward. Angel sighs and follows.

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