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During the commercials, I call Johanna to declare that if Angel doesn't immediately realize that he shouldn't have been able to get into the house, I'm going to shoot myself. I'll buy that he didn't think of it immediately upon entering, but as soon as he has time to think about it he should realize something funny's going on. By the time the show is back on, I wonder if betting my life on Angel's ability to think clearly might have been a tad rash.

The cops order Angel to kneel. He raises his hands, looks at Darla, and says, "You'll pay for this." And then he races down the hall and hops up into the attic. One of the cops demands a SWAT team, and hears the pitter-patter of Angel's feet as he makes his way to the roof. Angel decides that the best place to jump to the ground is right in front of a large window, and the cops run out to give chase. Darla looks after them and smiles to herself.

Later, Darla bonds with Kate out on the street. Darla asks how Angel was able to get away, and Kate replies, "Adrenaline. They chased him for sixteen blocks." Kate says, "One of my officers said that you recognized this man, and his name was Angel." Darla claims that Angel has been following her for weeks, calling her Darla. She stammers, "And then tonight, he came here. I told him to just stay out, that I was calling the police, and he just broke in...This is gonna sound crazy, but there was something wrong with his face. And he was biting." Kate also misses the key point that Angel wasn't invited in. I'll buy that Kate's happy to believe bad things about Angel, but she's not normally stupid. Until now. She assures Darla that they'll find Angel, and turns away. Darla smiles smugly -- at least until Angel swings down out of the tree she's standing under and spirits her away. I know that should have been scary, but the image Darla's little feet moving up out of the frame makes me laugh. It's not the comedy gold of Lindsey losing his hand, but it's still funny.

The MoG are chillin'. Gunn says that he's "adjusting to the idea that this good-guy vampire that I work for can go bad." Cordy says that Angel's good 99% of the time, although I'm not sure what she's basing that figure on, given that he's 247. Gunn says that he respects their loyalty, "but if the bad Angel walks through that door, I will kill him in two seconds flat." Writers, don't put ideas like that in our minds and then deny us. I want to see Gunn vs. Angelus. And not just fighting. The door opens, everyone reaches for weapons, but it turns out it's only a heavily armed group of policemen. Phew, nothing to worry about from cops in L.A.! Everyone relaxes. Kate storms in and demands to know where Angel is. Cordy says that Angel isn't there, and Kate orders the cops to search the building. Wesley asks if she has a warrant, and Kate fires back, "Seeing as how he just murdered Stephen Kramer and kidnapped his wife, I think I've got probable cause." Wesley and Cordy insist that Angel isn't that type of person. Kate says, "In fact, he's not a person at all, is he?" I'm happy to spy a cop in the background looking taken aback at that declaration. She goes on, "You guys wanna help yourselves out here, or go down with the boss?" In unison, Cordy and Wesley fold their arms against their (respective) chests. Kate spies Gunn, and asks if he's a "new player." Gunn introduces himself, and Kate asks him for ID. With a world-weary expression, Gunn hands it over. Kate asks another cop to check Gunn's record. Wesley starts to make excuses, but Kate interrupts to ask who Darla is.

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