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The Angelmobile is parked outside the burial ground/convent/water tank/former home to the blob. Angel drags Darla down the stairs inside and shoves her into the middle of the room. "So you're what Wolfram & Hart brought back in that box, and they brought you back as human," he says. Darla looks down to see the dead blob, but has no comment at this time. "They think I won't kill one," Angel goes on to say. "Want to know what I think? I think they don't know me that well." Oh, it's so nice to see little hints of the Angelus that I knew and...didn't loathe as much. Darla, frightened, starts to run away. Angel chases. Then they both stop. Angel explains that this place used to be a convent, "before they excavated it." I'm not sure that "excavated" is the right word, but whatever. He reminds Darla that he likes convents. Darla crosses herself and looks down as if she's praying. Angel laughs, and says they're both too old to play games. He vamps out and adds, "I need to talk to the real you." He rushes forward and pins her against a pillar. He rips her shirt away, bends her neck, and notes, "It's been a long time since I said this to anyone, but you can scream all you want." Darla pants as he slides his fangs over her skin. Then her gasps change in tone, and she insists, "I'm not gonna scream!" Again with the kissing. "There's my boy!" she says, before sucking his face some more. I scream for her as we go to commercials.

Kate's going over Gunn's priors: "Disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, GTA, assault...You've led a rich, full life, haven't you, Charles?" Gunn says he gets around. But doesn't his camp mitigate all those things? Cordy insists that Gunn helps people, and that all of his arrests probably happened a long time ago. Kate agrees that some of it is from years ago, "and some of it is in the last two weeks." Kate tells Gunn that his current company will probably get him into even more trouble. Gunn sarcastically says, "I can see you're looking out for me, Detective." Cordy tries to distract them both by saying that they all want to find Angel. Kate says that they don't, and that Angel stalked Deetta Kramer. "She begged him to stay out, and he knocked down the door, and killed her husband." Words cannot express how happy I am that Gunn is the one who sees the problem with that story. "So how'd he get in the house? She invite him in?" Kate dismisses that idea, and then gets the point. Cordelia explains it to any members of the audience who missed it the first time. Wesley does his part by showing Kate "a daguerreotype of Darla, taken over a hundred years ago." So, when she wasn't leaving a bloody trail through several continents, Darla posed for pictures. Lordy, she's vain.

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