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At the hotel, the cops declare that Angel has left the building. Kate leaves some on guard and prepares to move out. Cordy stands up (metaphorically) and says, "We solved the damn case! Find out who did away with the real owners of that house and you'll find your killer!" Kate says that they don't get it. Gunn asks, "The fact that he's innocent?" Kate explains, "The fact that while you're fighting your big battles of good and evil, the innocent are the ones that get caught in the crossfire! Those are the ones that I care about! Like that man tonight, or like the real owners of that house, if what you say is true. And those are the ones that I chalk up to your boss." She has a point. Wesley says that those crimes aren't Angel's fault. Kate dismisses that by saying, "That's right, he's good, I keep forgetting. I'm sorry, and why did he kidnap that woman again?" When no one answers, she leaves.

It's daytime. Angel and Darla are both panting. No one knows why. Angel again says that soon Darla will feel guilt for what she's done. For instance: "That man you got killed." Darla says, "Please. He was an actor!" Hee. Angel says he's serious, and Darla says, "Yeah, like a heart attack, and just about as much fun!" Angel says that if Darla hurts anyone else, he'll kill her. Darla asks if that's against his "Cub Scout code." Angel says he'll make an exception. Darla insists that he'll miss dreaming of her, adding, "You should have heard the things you said in your sleep. Nasty things, Angel." Angel grabs her by the throat and tells her to stop. I wish he'd done that half an hour ago. How'd he last a hundred years listening to that voice? Darla pulls out a crucifix, presses it to his chest, and says, "No, you stop!" As his flesh sizzles, she says, "You see, no matter how good a boy you are, God doesn't want you!" They fall apart, and Darla adds, "But I still do." Huge crescendo on the soundtrack. Darla drops the crucifix and runs to the stairs, which are bathed in sunlight. A few steps up, she stops to look back at Angel and ask, "What, no goodbye kiss?" And so she leaves. With Angel stuck there till sundown, since his car is outside with the hood down. What made him think that this was a good hideout?

The following evening, Angel is sitting in his apartment, brooding. Cordy and Wesley knock on the door. Angel opens it. Cordy, hands behind her back, notes that they haven't seen Angel all day, and says they wanted to make sure he was okay. Angel says, "I didn't go bad, Cordelia." Cordy insists that they weren't at all worried, while handing something over to Wesley. Wesley, never good at playing along, can't figure out why she handed him the tranquilizer gun. Angel asks if there's anything else. Cordy says there isn't, but Wesley says, "With Darla back, in league with Wolfram & Hart, there are a lot of forces arrayed against you. There's going to be trouble." Angel laughs mirthlessly and agrees, "There's gonna be a lot of trouble. And I say, bring it on." Total shout-out.

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