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Cordelia is posing as...Let me start again. Cordelia is at the Franklin Hotel. She's in disguise, I think. She's wearing a costume that resembles nothing so much as a French maid's uniform, in yellow instead of black. Is this an "olde time" theme hotel? Is she meant to be a waitress? A chambermaid? An on-site hooker? I don't understand. I left out the part where she's wearing a black leather mini-skirt under the dress. I repeat: I don't understand. At all. She walks past a couple seated at the bar. The man is asking, "You're sure about this? Right in the middle of the day?" Cordy places a stack of napkins with something hidden underneath on a nearby table. The woman responds, "Marty, the aliens abduct me when the mood hits. The mood hit real hard this morning, right about the time Harold left for work." The captioning says, "Carl" instead of "Harold." Cut to Angel, lurking in a corner, listening in to the conversation. Guess that's a microphone under the napkins. Wesley snaps a quick photo of the couple from the chair he's seated in nearby. Given their financial woes, they sure have a lot of fancy equipment. Marty says he's in the mood too, but he's "still got a lot of repairs." I don't know what he means, either. The conversation continues until they finally agree to go upstairs. As they stand up, Angel walks into the bar and grabs the camera from Wesley. He calls Claire. She asks, "Do I know you?" Angel says, "I've been listening. I'm over here behind some plant with this machine recording you two, while my associates here have been tailing you around all day taking pictures. I don't like doing this. It's crass." He tells Claire to go home and talk to her husband, and tosses the camera to Marty. Claire and Marty look stricken, and leave. Angel just gave someone a perfectly decent, and probably expensive, camera. For no reason. But that's not why Cordy starts yelling at him. She yells at him for ruining their case, even though they were just hired to find out what was going on, and they did, so it seems to me they did their job. While they argue, Angel spots Darla getting up from a table. She's not wearing red. I don't know how he managed to recognize her.

Angel races up and steps in front of Darla. "Guess you didn't take that whole dust to dust thing to heart, did you?" he asks. Are you kidding? That was an awesome episode, with G'kar looking into Londo's mind and...oh. He's talking about something else. Angel grabs her pocketbook and looks through it, asking if she's trying to pass as a human. Darla grabs her stuff and tells Angel to leave her alone. As she starts to move away, Angel grabs her arm and says, "I don't know what kind of game you're trying to play, but you're not going to win." Wesley tries to calm Angel down, and someone from hotel security joins the fracas. Darla says, "My name is Deetta Kramer." Deetta? The captioning, which is normally in all caps, shows her name as "DeETTA." So maybe I should write it "DeEtta." But that looks even stupider, so I'm not going to. Darla, near tears, says that her husband is getting their car, and that she doesn't know who Darla is. Angel says, "I know you're not going out in that sun anytime soon." The security guy grabs Angel, and Angel tosses him away. Darla runs away screaming, "Stephen!" Angel freezes as he sees Darla run out in the sunlight, straight for her supposed husband's waiting arms.

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