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At the office, Cordy has changed into a sheer black shirt layered over a perilously low-cut tank-top. Yeah, that hotel uniform was whorish, but this isn't. She answers the phone, and Angel asks if she found an address for the Kramers. Cordy covers the phone and tells Wesley, "It's him!" Back on the phone, she affects a calm and soothing manner as she says, "Wesley and I really think you need to --" Angel barks, "Cordelia! Address! Now!" Cordy reluctantly says that the Kramers own a house at 1409 Galloway in Studio City. Angel hangs up and moves out. Wesley walks up to Cordy and notes, "You really stood up to him." Meanwhile, the camera pulls back a little allowing us to see that Cordy's hair is piled up in some kind of crazy, twisted, gigantic ball on top of her head. It's indescribable, not to mention indefensible. Wow. Anyway, Wesley strikes a fey pose and says in falsetto, "The next time I talk to him, I won't weenie out like you, Wesley." Cordy says, "Don't start with me. And if I sound like that, shoot me." Wesley pulls out a gun, and Cordy drops her last request. Wesley says it's a tranquilizer gun. Cordy says, "Do you mean, if Angel really does go off his rocker like he's done before? Think that'll do it?" Wesley realizes he might need a bigger Gunn, and picks up the phone.

Angel lurks outside the Kramer house and sees Darla through the window. Inside, she and her "husband" sit at the dinner table. We quickly establish that Stephen is a hired actor, from the method school, so within seconds I'm begging Darla to kill him. Angel lurks. Stephen mentions the Actor's Studio. Oh, that James Lipton. There's another man in the house, who looks like a security guard with his tidy little earphone. Stephen asks, "What'd this guy do to you, anyway? You're going through an awful lot of trouble to teach him a lesson." Darla toys with her hair for no reason except to allow us to see that she, too, has an earphone. As Stephen natters on, Darla finally takes matters into her own hands, literally, by squeezing a vulnerable portion of Stephen's anatomy. She explains, "If you don't shut up, I'm going to kill you." Leaning back, she says, "Lindsey, can you hear me?" From his office speakerphone, Lindsey says that he can. Darla says, "He's here. I can feel him." Lindsey says that he needs a few more minutes to "set things in motion."

Gunn eyes a gun, manacles, and a pile of chains. Wesley assures him that this is just a precaution, and that they trust Angel. Cordy agrees, "It's not like he turns evil every time he gets this cranky." "He turns evil?" Gunn asks. Wesley explains that Angel is a soul-fortified, vitamin-enriched version of Angelus. Gunn leans in and wonders, "As evil, bloodsucking vampires go, how would you rate Angelus?" Wesley's comforting answer is, "Historically, as bad as they come. Especially when he was with his sire, Darla." Okay, we don't know what Angelus did while he was with Darla, but is it likely that any of it was worse than almost sucking the entire world into Hell, which he did after Darla was dead? Cordy says that they're trying to determine whether Darla has "resurrection powers." Gunn restates that Angelus and Darla together are bad news. Cordy says, "Imagine Bonnie and Clyde if they had a hundred and fifty years to get it right." Gunn asks, "If he gets up to his old tricks, how bad can it get?" Thanks for cueing that flashback, Gunn. And I thought you were different.

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