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Brine and Punishment

Connor's in his room, playing with a Game Boy. You know, it'd be funny to discover that instead of some kung-fu fighting game, Connor likes to unwind with a game of Monopoly. Just a thought. There's a knock on the door, and he barks "What?" All the surly teen stuff really amuses me for no good reason. It's just Fred, with milk and a sandwich. Connor says he isn't hungry, then asks what it is. "Bologna," says Fred, "with a smidgen of foreshadowing." If Connor was my brother, there'd be a lot of stuff here about whether the sandwich was cut triangularly and if Fred had any of those little toothpicks with the colored plastic fringe. And also a bendy-straw for the milk. Connor, however, just stuffs his face and asks if Gunn is still mad. Fred says, "I can't imagine what you've been through," and expositions a bit. She finishes quietly by saying, "I know you're still hurting, but I promise it's not nearly as much as you're gonna hurt for what you did to your father." Connor looks up, wonderfully bewildered, and then Fred tasers him. A couple times. Wow. I bet my mom wanted to do that to my brother a few times, too.

After the ads, Connor wakes up tied to a chair, with Gunn and Fred glaring at him. Connor looks honestly bewildered and sad here as Fred explains that they "got a call from an old friend tonight." Gunn says, "That's right, Sparky, Daddy's coming home. And I'm guessing there's gonna be a spanking." Gunn looks kind of satisfied by the latest revelation, but Fred's genuinely upset. I like Amy Acker, and I think she's talented. It's just Fred that sucks. So very much. Gunn asks if Connor stuffed Cordelia into a box as well. Fred, near tears, demands to know how Connor could do it, and tasers Connor again. Yow. That's a switch.

Wesley tucks Angel into his SUV, which I guess he reclaimed from Justine at some point. Justine watches from where she's chained to a bit of fencing. She shouts at Wesley, "Sooner or later, [Angel will] turn on you, and all your friends!" Wesley tosses a key down on the ground and says, "You can continue being a slave, Justine, or you can live your life. Your choice." I suspect that Justine would be happiest doing both. Wesley drives away.

Fred moans to Gunn, "I would have done anything for him. Now all I wanna do is hurt him." Boy, do I know how that is. From his chair, Connor sniffs, "Go ahead. Hurt me some more, Fred." Yikes. DeKnight, I like you and everything, but you're going to have to answer for a lot of unfortunate fanfic. Fred asks if Connor feels anything, and demands, "How could you do that to your father?" Connor says, "He got what he deserved." Fred asks when she and Gunn would deserve the same thing, and Connor is left quipless.

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