Deep Down

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Brine and Punishment

The music and lighting shift, and suddenly there's several feet of water on the floor and Angel has cuts on his face. He turns to stare at Connor, who menaces, "Freeze the moment, Dad. It'll last forever." The rest of the table is empty. We pull back and see Angel in his box, all alone at the bottom of the sea. Bet there are some surprised blowfish down there. Roll credits. There's one very annoying new shot of Angel standing on a rooftop, which is all stretched vertically like someone put the whole city on the rack or something. There's also a swashbuckling Wesley, and Cordelia's brunette in all of her shots, which seems like a good sign. And Vincent Kartheiser joins the credits, as Little Boy Blue. In several senses.

After the ads, we start with a nighttime shot of Gunn and Fred racing down a deserted street toward the truck. They're clearly escaping some baddies, and they reach the truck and hurry to drive away. "How we doin'?" Gunn asks, just as a vamp crashes down onto the truck's hood. "About the same!" Fred whimpers. The truck squeals to a halt, and the vamp rolls off onto the street as a spiffy red convertible arrives carrying three more vamps. Gunn walks over to exchange insurance information, which it seems he keeps written down on his axe. Or maybe that's just in case he runs into Jack Nicholson. Hey, I think that's the hubcap-axe! The lead vamp accuses Gunn of "hassling [his] hermanos," which looks alliterative but, sadly, isn't. Fred aims a crossbow as she politely explains that they just want to talk to someone named Marissa. The lead vamp immediately tells them where Marissa can be found, but then remembers that he's not supposed to be helpful, and prepares to fight. Fred fires, but the bolt is knocked out of harm's way. By the time she's reloaded, the lead vamp has grabbed her. Gunn fends off the other vamps while the lead vamp tosses the crossbow to the ground and asks Fred, "Angel left you a little toy, huh?" "More than one!" Fred answers, before popping a stake out from her jacket sleeve and dusting the vamp. Huh. Guess she learned the ropes over the summer. She picks up the crossbow and fires as she shouts at Gunn to get out of the way. Here's what I really liked: Gunn pulls the arrow out of the vamp as it dusts, then stakes another vamp with it. Nifty. And efficient. The last vamp knocks Gunn down, grabs the axe, and whips it at Fred. Yay! Then Connor appears and grabs the axe before it can crunch into Fred's skull. Damn and blast. Connor hurls the axe right back and kills the last vamp. Nice entrance. Terrible shirt, though. Connor looks at Gunn seriously for a second, then grins and asks, "Did you see that? Wasn't that cool?" Heh. It was cool enough to trigger a blipvert.

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