Deep Down

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Brine and Punishment

As they troop into the Hyperion lobby, Fred and Gunn lecture Connor about running off and teamwork and so on. Connor sulks briefly, then goes back to talking about how cool the thing with the axe was. Hee. Gunn concedes that there was some coolness to be found there, and then orders Connor to polish his axe. Er. There's no way to write that without sounding dirty. Sorry.

In the office, Gunn and Fred discuss whether they should tell Connor. Tell him what? A lot of exposition? I don't think they should tell Connor all about their current situation and what's happened over the summer, because he probably already knows. But so should Fred, and that's not stopping Gunn from reminding her that they've been trying to track down Angel and Cordy all summer, "and the only thing [they're] closing in on is an eviction." Plot point! Gunn waves around some random papers and whines that even Cary has deserted them. Fred says she's left messages for Cary, but sadly insists, "He's lost the mission, bro." Gunn repeats the bit about getting evicted so that we'll remember it later, since it's not actually a plot point this week. He adds, "You know you can't say 'bro.'" Thank you, Gunn. Fred pokes at the laptop and announces that she may have tracked down Marissa's home. She also asks if she can say "Dawg," and Gunn's expression is answer enough. It turns out that Marissa used to hunt in the same areas where they found the Angelmobile. Fred says, "She might be able to tell us what happened, if we can find her." "Find who?" Connor asks from the doorway. He's got his old man's lurking skills, I see.

Angel stands at Point Dume, just he did in "Tomorrow." He turns and walks back to the Angelmobile, and sees Cordelia standing there. Angel says that he thought she wasn't coming. Cordy insists, "You know me better than that. Better than anybody." I stop and think about that for a second, but it seems accurate. Poor Cordy. Angel gazes at Cordy and says that it's beautiful, "just the way it should be." Then he starts having flashes of his fight on the beach with Connor. "This isn't how it happened," he frets. Cordy soothes him and declares, "I'm in love with you, Angel. Deep down, I think I have been for a long time." We have a title! Angel grabs Cordy and kisses her, then growls, "I need you, Cordy," in a not-exactly-nice way. Which makes sense a moment later, when he starts kissing her neck and we see Cordy making a surprised face. Angel lifts his head, showing his game face, and calls, "I'm so sorry!" before chomping into her.

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