Deep Down

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Brine and Punishment

Angel twitches and screams in his box, deep in submarine space.

Hyperion. Connor wants to know why Gunn and Fred didn't tell him that if they can collar Marissa, they may get a lead on Angel. They explain that they were trying to spare his feelings. Connor insists that he should come along to question Marissa because he's just so darn worried about Angel, really he is. Fred gives in, and Connor scampers off to collect his weapons. Gunn, exasperated, says, "This is it, Fred. No Angel, no Cordy, we can't find Holtz, his psycho girlfriend's gone; we got nothin'!" Fred suggests Wolfram & Hart as an option, because she's an idiot. Gunn makes that same point using more words. Fred almost says the "W" word, and Gunn cuts her off. She grumps, "Well, I'm glad we talked it over." Gunn says that they already tried Wesley twice, and I'm not sure if that's counting the time he told them how to marinate crawdads or not, but it's not important. Gunn says, "Wesley doesn't give a damn about us." Fred wusses, but Gunn insists, "He made his choice. Now he has to live with it."

Geeeaaaah! Cut to a sweaty, naked Lilah collapsing upon an equally sweaty, naked Wesley. Oh lord. They say some things to each other that make me feel icky, and then Wesley makes a weird gagging motion with his tongue that I could have happily gone my whole life without seeing. There are some mutual "You can't resist me"s and neck-licks and as soon as I finish this recap I'm joining a convent. Lilah gets up and says she has to get back to work. With no shower? But she's got JBF hair! It's their turn for some exposition flogging, so they go over the kidnapping and pillow-smothering. Lilah snickers, "You thought you were doing the right thing. I hear that can be confusing." As she gets dressed, there's a peculiar close-up of Lilah slipping her shoe onto her foot, leading me to wonder if I should add retifism to the list of kinks in this episode. Lilah suggests that Wesley talk to Angel "when he gets back," and Wesley chuckles at her none-too-subtle attempt to get information. He insists that he doesn't know what happened to Angel, nor does he care. They share some final smooches, and Lilah exits. And then Angel wakes up screaming in a box. Right? No? That actually happened? Ew.

Once Lilah's gone, Wesley gets up and mercifully puts some jeans on before he walks across the room to unlock a closet door. Wesley's made some home improvements by installing iron bars in the closet. And behind them, he's installed a gagged and bound Justine. Holy crap. "It's time," Wesley says. "Let's go for a boat ride." Poor Lilah. You just know she'd be into this. And I'm not talking about the prospect of doing some sailing.

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