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Brine and Punishment

After spending the commercial break wondering what kind of crazy Gorean pirate games Wesley is into, we discover that, actually, he was being literal about the boat ride. Which is a shame, since I'd already thought up some jokes about "keelhauling" and "walking the plank." Arrrr. Justine and Wesley are in the tugboat that Justine picked up when she was collecting odd vehicles. Justine snarks that maybe they'll find an old tire or a shopping cart. I'm distracted because I'm trying to figure out why Wesley keeps Justine chained up in his apartment, but out on the sea she's not even handcuffed. Or at least there aren't any visible restraints on her. Hm. I could make some guesses, but let's not go there. Really, I just want a line or two somewhere that establishes that Justine escaped from Wesley before, and he just caught her again, so she knows there's no point in trying. Wesley ignores her and marks up some charts. She asks why he's bothering to look for Angel, but admits, "Anything's better than sitting around in my cage all day with nothing to do but to fill [sic] my bucket." When that fails to get a rise (oh dear) out of Wesley, she mocks him for "banging the enemy and keeping a slave-girl in his closet." Wesley mutters, "You were always a slave, Justine. You just couldn't see the chains." He expositions a bit about Justine's sister and Holtz and all that. Most of the exposition in this episode is reasonably smooth, considering how much there is to explain. But I'm not going to repeat it, because...well, I'm pretty sure you know what happened. Wesley does explain that it was "easy to figure out which door to kick in when Angel went missing." Not easy enough for Gunn and Fred, of course. Though, actually, I suppose Connor would have warned Justine if they were looking for her. Plus, unless they were really quick, they'd have to know to kick in Wesley's closet door. So, okay. While Wesley blathers on, Justine begins stealthily picking up a wrench that's been prominently placed on a table. She's not quite stealthy enough, though; there's a slight noise, and as she moves to swing at Wesley, he calmly says "I'll take away your bucket" without turning around. Justine ponders that for a second, then throws the wrench down onto the table and sulks.

Connor bursts into a dark room, followed by Gunn and Fred. The room appears to be empty; Fred guesses that Marissa is out. Boy, she sure is smart. She wonders if they should wait for Marissa to come back; Connor zips across the room and lifts a blanket, under which there's a walkman still playing quietly. "We won't have to," he says. Gunn and Fred raise their flashlights just as a vampire leaps down from the rafters, tackling them. Connor blocks the door, and he and Marissa trade a few punches before he pins her against a beam with a sword to her throat. Fred and Gunn proceed to interrogate Marissa about whether she saw Angel down on the beach a few months ago. Marissa instantly asks, "Tall, good-looking, weird hair?" Hee. Two hair jokes in one episode. Connor looks at her intently, then backs away as he explains, "He's my father. If you know what happened --" Marissa takes the opportunity Connor handed her to punch her way past them and dive through a window. Gunn starts to yell at Connor for being careless, but Connor races across the room and dives out after Marissa. Fred and Gunn boggle and give chase. They use the door, though. Wimps.

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