Deep Down

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Brine and Punishment

Angel twitches and screams in his box, off on another head trip.

In a garishly lit backstage area which will henceforth be known as "Vegas," a big burly guy strolls over to Cary, who's getting his makeup done. Cary looks ready to headline in a "Demons in Furs" burlesque show. The burly guy hands a phone to Cary and says, "Two minutes." The call is from Fred, who explains that she's been trying to reach him. Cary apologizes, noting that if he gets any hotter, "they'll have to stamp [him] out." Fred asks if Cary's heard anything from his "connections" about Angel or Cordelia. Cary hasn't, and says he has to go, quickly adding, "take care of yourself and, um, make sure Fluffy's getting enough love." He hangs up and returns the phone to the burly guy.

A disappointed Fred hangs up and asks Gunn, "Who's Fluffy? Are you Fluffy?" Hee. Her disgusted tone there amuses me. And then she ruins everything by following it up with a single entendre. Damn. Gunn frets, "No leads, no clients...pretty soon, no roof over my smooth, delicate head." Fred makes my teeth hurt. She cuddles Gunn and insists that they'll find Angel and Cordy, "no matter what the Powers That Screw You throw at [them]."

Wolfram & Hart. Linwood tells Lilah that "young Gavin's had a breakthrough with the psychics" regarding Angel's whereabouts. Lilah's hair is kind of ratty. The first time I watched this, I wondered why Lilah looked so terrible here. But now I think it's intentional; she's supposed to have rushed back to work from, scene with Wesley, so she shouldn't look particularly fresh. As they pedeconference, Gavin says that Angel is "safe and immobilized." Lilah observes the vagueness of that information, but Linwood claims to be satisfied. Lilah reminds us that Angel's going to be a bigwig in the apocalypse, so the Senior Partners might like a better handle on Angel's location. There's a little lens flare behind Lilah's head in this scene, and it's driving me nuts. I'm so petty. Linwood pointedly notes that Gavin's dug up all sorts of other interesting facts. Lilah catches on very quickly, but insists that how she spends her personal time is none of Gavin's business. That doesn't impress Linwood much, so Lilah adds that Wesley doesn't know anything useful. She looks a little worried, though. Linwood says that there'll be a staff meeting in an hour, and hops into an elevator with Gavin.

Ship of Tools. Wesley looks at his, uh, radar thingy, or whatever it is, and spots something metallic on the seabed. Justine says it's probably nothing, and Wesley tosses her some goggles. Wait. He makes Justine paddle down and search for Angel? I can see why he wouldn't let her stay on the boat when he went down, but...oh well.

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