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Brine and Punishment

Ship of Tools. Angel, somewhat recovered, asks, "Why is it like this?" Cary says that he doesn't know, and I guess Angel isn't quite so recovered after all. Angel whines that everything he touches turns to ashes. Cary insists, "The only one turning to ashes is that patricidal pup of yours. And hell, I'd take him out myself if I wasn't just a crappy hallucination." Wesley enters the cabin and asks how Angel is. Justine grouches, "He won't shut up." Wait'll you see the end of the show, Justine. Angel mutters, and Wesley tells him to rest. Non-existent Cary starts singing "Hush Little Baby." Angel sees Connor staring down at him. "I should have killed you," Angel intones. Wesley looks down and thinks that Angel is talking to him. Justine and I giggle. Johanna says, "Oh, it's just a wacky misunderstanding, like on Three's Company!" Wesley decides that Angel needs "more substantial nourishment," and when Justine asks what that means, he pulls out a knife. Justine feels that's beyond her limits. Wesley agrees: "Your blood's too thin." Eh? If he means that metaphorically, does he know that he's English? Just asking. Wesley slices across his own forearm and then puts his arm over Angel's head. Angel slurps away. I couldn't really tell how pale Angel's makeup was until you I saw Wesley's skin in contrast. Nice.

In the Wolfram & Hart conference room, Lilah fondles a leather...chair. Well, that's a new one on me. A bunch of other lawyers enter and take their seats. Linwood announces that they have a lot of ground to cover, "but first, let's talk about Lilah." He asks for recommendations from the others, but Lilah nervously interrupts and asks if she could say a few words. Gavin and Linwood needle her about her failures, and Lilah apologizes. More confidently, she says, "I've made mistakes, but fear was never one of them." She asks why they haven't captured Connor, and why they haven't figured out where Angel is. Linwood gets irate and snaps, "Lack of long-term vision has always been one of your shortcomings." Lilah stands up and replies that lack of courage has always been Linwood's. She taunts him some more before dropping the bomb that "Mr. Suvarta agrees with me." Linwood gulps, "You spoke to a Senior Partner?" Lilah says, "He had some great hints on office furniture." Linwood blusters about Lilah going over his head. Lilah pokes at her PDA, and a little blade whips out from behind Linwood's chair for a split second. "Just under it, actually," Lilah quips, as a plastic head resembling Linwood's rolls onto the conference table. Lilah tells the others that they report to her now, and dismisses them. Gavin gets head-tidying duty. Rock on, Lilah. It makes sense that she'd be good at negoiations. I wonder if she gets stock options with her promotion. If so, Gavin's probably going to be the one in them.

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